Welcome FairCom EDGE V3

Welcome to FairCom EDGE V3

Available 11-10-2020

Introducing FairCom EDGE V3

FairCom EDGE V3 is built to integrate, collect, aggregate and synchronize mission-critical data in edge-computing environments. Organizations that use FairCom EDGE can enjoy many benefits as they enhance the performance of their Industry 4.0 ecosystem. The product is available in two different offerings, FairCom EDGE IoT Database and
FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub. Below you will find the overall benefits of both in a quick summary.

FairCom EDGE "is optimized for edge-computing environments to serve the needs of factory automation, smart cities, medical device integration, and smart retail. The product is designed specifically for an individual device to collect, transform, store, process and integrate hierarchical data locally on the device or on a small industrial computer close to the device.”

Cloud Computing Outlook

Key Benefits of FairCom EDGE

  • Data storage on the edge: Keep mission-critical data close to the source
  • Mission-critical ops: Enable real-time IoT decision making
  • Fast: High-speed data collection at the edge
  • Data quality control: Guarantee data quality using transactional edge persistence
  • IoT specific: Built for IoT applications to run on major operating systems and hardware platforms
  • Security: Transmit only the data needed and store all data securely encrypted at the edge
  • Database as a microservice: Uses both SQL and NoSQL microservices to collect, query and analyze data in real time for IoT systems
  • Analytics-tool neutral: Compatible with nearly all analytics tools for use over actual real-time unstructured data
  • Micro footprint of 37 MB or less based on configuration
  • Easy graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Intuitive and user friendly Automatic data fabric/mesh network
    • Data replication, PLC, MQTT, REST, OPC, and SQL
  • Automatic data processing
    • Map, convert, transform, store, forward and replicate
  • Automatic data conversion
    • JSON, SQL, tables, time series, C structures and more PLC more
  • Increase factory uptime
    • Add data redundancy across all processes
  • Access data anywhere
    • Across the factory floor or via private or public cloud
  • Leverage critical data cached in factory controllers
    • Recipes, parts, machine learning, operations history and more
    • Operator documentation: Process, troubleshooting and more
  • Integrate factory data with IT apps/databases
    • Merge protocols: MQTT, REST, OPC, SQL, Replication, PLC and more
    • Merge data: Map, convert, transform, store, forward, replicate, data between JSON, SQL tables, time-series, C structures, PLC and more

What’s New in FairCom EDGE?

  • MQTT topics store and forward
  • Extensive enhancements for extracting, transforming, storing and forwarding JSON messages over MQTT
    • Persist images and binary values embedded in JSON using BASE64 and HEX encoding
  • Use ISO8601 dates, times and timestamps without time zones
    • Automatically convert a wide variety of date and time formats
  • New path language enhancements can extract any part of a JSON document
    • Extract any part of a JSON document into a single string field in a table
    • Automatically extract items in JSON arrays into multiple fields in one table
    • Automatically extract items in JSON arrays to multiple joined tables
    • Automatically extract items or objects in JSON arrays to multiple joined tables
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
    • New wizard makes it even easier to configure how MQTT data is stored and forwarded
    • UI supports all new JSON features
    • UI configures data replication across many IIoT Hubs
    • ThingWorx
  • Store images in ThingWorx
    • Store multiple date and time fields — not just that latest timestamp
    • View integer and string values
  • ThingWorx integration: Visual data mapping, automatic modeling, automatic updates and many more via native AlwaysOn protocol
  • Massively parallel data replication: Asynchronous, N-to-M schemas, automatic replication, and drag and drop management and many more
  • Automatic data aggregation: User-defined length, retention and functions and numeric data aggregation
  • Extensibility: Plug-in module functionality and tuning management and modifiable example code
  • OPC UA client: Certified OPC-UA client, binary protocol for better performance and improved security and SDK for custom integration
  • SQL: ANSI SQL with ODBC and JDBC and integration with all BI and analytic tools
  • Browser-based database administration: ISAM Explorer, SQL Explorer and Database Monitor
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