Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy technology is the foundation of today's titans—but that legacy can be an obstacle to future growth. You need to be able to integrate existing strengths with modern solutions, without losing your historical investment.

FairCom RTG gives you modernization without modifying your source code—letting you keep the best of both worlds.

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Don't lose your investment—Build on it

Your legacy systems were once top of the line; that's why you built a business on them! But times change, and technology changes along with it. But gutting and rebuilding can take years and cost millions. It also means losing out on all the time and money spent on building your original environment.

FairCom RTG lets you have your legacy data and integrate it, too. It enables legacy COBOL systems to integrate with modules written in modern languages, all without changing your source code.

Save Time
Your company already spent a lot of time developing these legacy systems, and rewriting code can bring operations to a halt. RTG works with the source code you already have while opening up integration opportunities.
Save Money
Sourcing COBOL developers to modify your systems can be pricy—as is rewriting systems in modern languages. RTG skips those costs by mediating between your COBOL application and modern systems.
Save Data
Data can be priceless, but only if it's usable. Protect your legacy data from corruption with high-availability, replication, hot backups, and automatic recovery—all courtesy of FairCom RTG.     

Modernize and scale with InfoTrax and FairCom RTG

InfoTrax needed to scale without losing performance. FairCom RTG allowed it to serve clients handling billions of dollars each year—compared with $200 million before modernization. InfoTrax matched the speed of its flat-file solution while also adding the stability, scalability, and reliability of a full SQL database along the way.

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Let your devs speak their native language

While billions of lines of COBOL are in use worldwide, finding COBOL devs can be challenging (and pricey). That's why FairCom RTG lets your developers write in modern languages—even with your legacy systems.

Integrate Modern Tech
FairCom RTG allows SQL querying of your COBOL data, letting you integrate it with modern features like analytics, machine learning, and other applications.
Write in Your Preferred Languages
FairCom RTG allows you to write modules in modern languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript while connecting to your legacy application data through APIs.
Gain Access to Analytics
Historical data can provide valuable insights—but only if you can access it. RTG lets you connect COBOL data to modern applications for analytics.

Keep your data safe & your systems running

Manually rebuilding files after system failure can be a nightmare—especially when data files have been corrupted in the process. FairCom RTG protects your data with advanced features like automatic recovery and hot backups. The result is seamless legacy application modernization that secures data while combining the robust batch processing of COBOL with modern app integration.

Hot Backups
Avoid service interruptions while protecting your data with hot backups.
Automatic Recovery
Rest easy with complete automatic recovery after system failures. Use point-in-time recovery to roll back to specific snapshots.
No Corruption
FairCom RTG's multiple save/restore points give you flexibility while ensuring data integrity.

Build on the Past While Forging Ahead

Whether you’ve spent years or decades building a solid foundation for your organization, you don’t have to throw it away to modernize your business. Keep the data you’ve acquired safe, retain the source code that underpins it, and modernize in a manner that respects your time and budget while preparing you for the future.

Keep Your Code
FairCom RTG preserves your source code while also allowing integration with modern applications.
Simplify Your System
Access live COBOL data files simultaneously through SQL queries and modern language APIs.
Secure Your Data
AES encryption and OpenSSL protect your data in transit and at rest.
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