Get started with Industrial IoT by deploying an edge hub for no-code integration of sensor and machine data

Discover FairCom EDGE, the world’s first converged IIoT hub

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Solving Industrial IoT data integration challenges with an edge hub


Webinar On Demand

Building fast microservices the easy way – with embedded NoSQL


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Database Engine

Enterprise database for large-scale, extreme-performance, mission-critical applications

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Transform everything with Industry 4.0 tools that store and connect


Modernization and migration solution for COBOL and BTRIEVE applications

Why FairCom?

Proven in mission-critical systems

All FairCom products leverage our unified multimodel database, which is the most customizable database engine on the market. This unrivaled level of control allows you to achieve unprecedented performance, reliability and scalability. FairCom database technology is typically embedded in applications and requires no DBA, making it basically invisible to our customers and end users. … In fact, it is likely your organization is running many instances of FairCom database technology.

Trusted leader in database technology

With 40 years of development and use in global mission-critical, “too-big-to-fail” systems, FairCom database technology has earned a proven track record of extreme performance, unsurpassed reliability and exceptional customer support.

Fortune 100 corporations and prominent government organizations around the world have deployed FairCom’s database engine millions of times. For example, it is trusted for the data management needs for each U.S. flight plan, of most packages shipped in the United States, for recording every stock market transaction, to validate credit card transactions in real-time, and in the leading enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery software.