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Use Cases

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FairCom lets you take charge of your data—regardless of your industry. Here are just a few ways our customers are using the FairCom technology.

Embedded Database 
Whether you’re looking for small-footprint technology or speeds only available with local storage, an embedded database can take care of it.
Data Transformation
Make data matter by easily transforming, normalizing, and even enriching it to suit your business’s unique needs.
Legacy Modernization
Modern API compatibility meets your classic legacy applications and systems. Keep what you like; modernize what you don’t.
Industrial IoT Platform
Optimizing production lines requires the best data possible. Gather, standardize, store, and push data with FairCom.
Scaling Non-Mainframe COBOL
Get mainframe power and scaling from your non-mainframe COBOL applications—all without changing the source code.
Make the most of microservice architecture. Individualized databases prevent dependency and improve performance. 
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Here's what we offer

While our product lines are customized for specific industries and use cases, they share some core features.

Efficient data retrieval and storage allows hundreds of thousands to millions of inserts per second.

Advanced data replication provides 5-nines uptime, as well as onsite scalability and offsite disaster recovery.
Easily push and pull data to other applications with more than 20 available APIs and drivers. 
Lower TCO
Save on costs with self-tuning servers, minimal administration, and low-code configurations.
Real-Time Access
Lightning-fast read-write access to your data for analytics-driven decision-making.
Rest easy with robust transaction protection, guaranteeing data recovery in nearly every system failure.