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FairCom ProServices is our comprehensive education and consulting program. We're always dedicated to our customers' success, and ProServices takes that attitude above and beyond. Let FairCom support you through all your data management needs.

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Let the pros guide you

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    Support across our product line

    FairCom Professional Services is offered for our entire product line. Whether you're using DB, RTG, Edge, or MQ, our support team is ready to walk you through the ins and outs of FairCom's technology.

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    Basic & advanced training

    FairCom support offers training for both developers and system administrators. In addition, we customize our training based on your team's skill level and needs.

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    Expertise at your fingertips

    Learn best practices and preventive maintenance from the same engineers who designed our products. You'll get a behind-the-scenes understanding of how to make the most of FairCom's products.

What our clients say

"I'm not aware of an organization that does a better job at customer and technical support than FairCom."

Don Fitzgerald
Managing Director

Learn from the same engineers developing our products

The FairCom ProServices support team is staffed by the same engineers who design and build our products. You're getting the very best-in-class to build up your teams.

Empower your team

Let FairCom support your team in reaching new heights. We offer a number of tangible benefits for your business, including:

  • Reduced downtime through training on best practices
  • Reduced TCO with tuning and better usage of resources
  • Improved data availability with health checks and better system management
  • Strengthened products through educated dev teams
  • Enhanced ability to provide technical support to users
  • Improved product experience for end users

Professional services training courses

FairCom offers three levels of courses: Basic, Advanced Concepts, and Mastering Operations.

Basic course
The Basic course is designed for developers or system administrators first learning to use a FairCom product.

This course provides the basic steps of installing, configuring, and implementing the product into a new or existing environment.
Advanced Concepts courses
Advanced Concepts courses are taught by our senior engineers. They detail our most advanced configurations.

The development track focuses on engineering teams building applications; the operations track is designed for teams who monitor and maintain systems.
Mastering Operations course
Our Mastering Operations course focuses on onsite team members who use FairCom in high-performance database operations.

It teaches how to improve availability, minimize data loss risks, and achieve maximum performance.
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DevOps services

In addition to our training courses, we're happy to review your environment to identify any areas of improvement.

These generally fall into two categories.
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    Advanced Health-Check and Preventive Maintenance

    Our production and operations specialists review specific systems and implementations and identify problems not commonly found with routine maintenance. We'll check for any indications of resource stresses and make adjustments to ensure these systems operate at maximum speed and safety.

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    Annual Architecture Review

    In an assisted annual review, we analyze the architecture decisions made by the application developers and system architects to ensure FairCom's best practices are followed. We work with you to improve performance, availability, and recovery time and discuss the use and implementation of advanced features.

Customized consulting services

Need a little extra help? We're happy to provide customized consulting to keep you operating in peak condition. Here are a few ways we've helped our customers.

Support During Critical Periods
Is it almost crunch time? We'll provide an on-site systems engineer to make sure you're ready to go.
Regular Checkups
Our experts can review your architecture and usage patterns, as well as offer service deliverables for checkups.
Managed Services
Need some help upgrading to our latest release? We'll review compatibility, offer best practices, and provide tips.
Platform/OS Porting
Whether you're on an old OS or a new piece of hardware, we can help. We've ported FairCom tech to 200+ platforms.
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