Data Transformation, Simplified

‍Organizations are complex; data transformation tools shouldn’t be.

As IIoT ecosystems expand, communicating between devices can be a data integration nightmare—but it doesn't have to be. FairCom's technology acts as a universal translator and disseminator for your data.

The result? Data that speaks your industry’s language.

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Standardized—but far from ordinary

Whether on a factory floor or a hospital ICU, IoT and IIoT ecosystems live on data. Data silos can mean death to valuable insights and analytics, but integration can often be code-intensive, time-consuming, and high-cost.

FairCom Edge fights against these limitations by offering automatic device integration for edge computing and normalizing data to simple, intuitive JSON formats (or others as needed).

Low-Code Configuration
Engineered to run on the edge by the people working there.

You don't need to be a programmer to work with Edge; our software uses simple JSON configurations.
Built-In Integrations
Don't waste time building bespoke solutions from scratch.

FairCom Edge comes out of the box with connectors to major device protocols and an intuitive user interface.
Automatic Standardization
Normalize your data for analytics software.

Our technology can standardize data formats as it collects and transmits data, bringing you closer to cutting-edge insights and analytics.

FairCom Edge optimizes operations

Uzinakod developed a solution to optimize water treatment for a Canadian metropolitan area. It used multiple IoT gateways to monitor rotary pump machines and analyzed the data to maximize efficiency.

FairCom Edge acted as a low-code, low-footprint solution to collect, store, and deliver all that data. By embedding Edge inside the IoT gateways, Uzinakod was able to reliable collect data from a variety of machines.

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Create an information highway

Communication is the lifeblood of data systems, but devices and apps aren’t always on speaking terms. FairCom's MQTT broker offers a simple solution to get your data where it needs to be. And with FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ's embedded database, you can guarantee data delivery.

Easily Send Out Data
Our technology can easily handle hundreds of thousands of topics and subscribers.
Guarantee Delivery
Never miss a data point—even with devices that periodically (or unexpectedly!) go offline.
Eliminate Traffic Jams
Sending data to the cloud can be pricey. Use FairCom to persist data all your data at the edge and only send to the cloud  as needed.

With (data) age comes wisdom—use it!

Have mission-critical data in legacy systems? FairCom RTG takes a data-focused approach to legacy systems modernization that integrates COBOL systems with modern languages, allowing data access through modernized applications and formats.

Save Your Data
Access historical data even when locked behind legacy systems.
Use Your Data
Integrate legacy data with modules written in modern languages.
Improve Your Data
Push data to analytics and reporting tools to further optimize your business.

The platform built for Industry 4.0

Everything you need for anything you build. Manufacturers need cutting-edge technology to connect IIoT devices with analytics, SCADA systems, and more. Reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime, and extract better data with FairCom. Experience how the right data transformation tool can transform the way you do business.

Simplify Data Collection
With our transformation engine
Collect data regardless of protocol with FairCom Edge's automatic transformation engine.
Invest in a Single Solution
For all your IoT needs.
One platform gives you an MQTT broker, transformation engine, and so much more.
Eliminate Redundancy
With data analytics.
Push machine and sensor data to analytics for real-time insights and optimizations.
Connect to the Cloud
To push your data further
Get your data anywhere you need it.
Query Your Way
With SQL and JSON capabilities
Work in your preferred language with multiple querying options.
Safeguard Data
Both in transit and at rest
Keep your data secure: FairCom enables both Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.
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