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The rise of IoT means the rise of data generation. When you're inundated with IoT and edge data, you need a platform to simplify management.

Unify your data with FairCom's Industrial IoT solutions. Whether you need an MQTT broker or a full-fledged platform, we're here for you with top-of-the-line solutions.

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Data management simplified

Make the most of your data with an IoT platform. Collect and deliver data simply and reliably with an all-in-one solution.

Collect Data
Integrating the various sensors, equipment, and machines operating in an IoT space can be difficult. FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ offer seamless data collection and storage.
Transform Data
IoT devices can rely on numerous protocols—and rarely will all your equipment use the same one. Standardize data into a singular format to streamline collection, storage, and analytics.
Deliver Data
Lost data means lost opportunity. In an IoT environment, MQTT brokers often deliver data to thousands of devices. What sets us apart is the ability to guarantee delivery, even for devices that periodically or unexpectedly go offline.

Low TCO, high ROI

As the number of IoT devices grows, costs naturally grow alongside it. Instead of eating into profits, harness IoT data to invest back into your productivity.

Our IoT platform reliably collects all your data, so you can invest in analytics and optimize your operations. We've also made sure to keep it low-code and low-maintenance, so you spend less money on upkeep and more time growing your business.

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Big Data needs big analytics

Real-time data is critical to operations, especially in time-sensitive environments like production lines. With more data than ever before, you need to have a variety of analytics solutions at your disposal.

Cloud Analytics
Send data to the cloud using an MQTT broker. But rather than sending any and all day—and incurring high bandwidth costs alongside it—use an MQTT web client to customize which subscriptions are passed on to the cloud.
On-Premises Processing
Using a transformation engine to standardize data across all your IoT devices makes processing data simpler than ever. Adding on-site databases in the mix gives you powerful parallel processing right where you are.  
Additional Applications
Enrich your data as it's collected and standardized to make it more valuable for real-time analytics. Easily share data with IT operators to develop better reports and analyses.

Improving wastewater treatment with IoT data

Small-footprint IoT gateway devices can be great tools for collecting sensor and machine data—and that's exactly what this company did. Uzinakod used our IoT platform to manage and integrate data generated by the water equipment to optimize a Canadian city's water treatment facility.

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The power of IoT connectivity

The IoT works best as a single organism—different devices and sensors united into a single structure. To do so, you have to break down communication barriers between the sources.

New Device Integration
When you bring new devices into your IoT ecosystem, you want the onboarding process to be simple and repeatable. Your new device should seamlessly connect with your current operations, including historical data.
Application Integration
Data should be easily accessible via APIs for application development, whether it's for third-party or proprietary projects. This data must also stay secure both in transit and at rest.
Operations Integration
So you have all these devices. How are you controlling them? An IoT platform allows you to simplify management under a single system, rather than managing each piece individually.
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