The Embedded Database for Mission-Critical Applications

Your application's success is essential to operations. You need lightning-fast queries, reliable storage, and powerful processing. You need FairCom DB.

The power of FairCom

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The flexibility of multimodel support

FairCom DB combines multiple database types over a single data set. Whether you need a SQL or relational database, we've got your back.  

JSON Database
Unlock easy application development with JSON API.
SQL Database
Real-time, high-speed query processing with our tried-and-true SQL database.
Key–Value Database
Improve latency and reliably scale performance with key-value data stores.

Powering automotive automation environments

One of the world's largest industrial automation companies needed high performance and high throughput for its software solution suite. FairCom DB provided power, speed, integration, and low-level database control to balance speed and flexibility in the software.

Cluster however you need

Sometimes data needs to be written as quickly as possible—you want to limit latency as much as possible and only require eventual consistency across your cluster. Other times, you require high security and ACID-compliance, even if that means longer write times. An embedded database should allow your preferred cluster topology.

Eventually Consistent Replication
Prioritize speed with asynchronous, bidirectional replication that lets you write anywhere. You'll get predictable, real-time performance without compromising high availability.
ACID-Compliant Replication
Prioritize compliance with synchronous, unidirectional replication optimal for disaster recovery.
Mix & Match Replication Scenarios
Your application is unique and may require a more configured replication solution. FairCom DB lets you. combine clustering technologies as needed.  
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Microservice application development

When working with microservices, it's important that each one has a local, high-speed data cache that synchronizes data across all databases.

Multiple Embedded Databases
Easily develop microservices with dedicated embedded databases. Ensure high-speeds with locally cached data while also minimizing the amount of database servers to manage.
All APIs Over the Same Data
There's no need to purchase multiple specialty database technologies because FairCom DB offers them already. Employ JSON, SQL, key-value, and ISAM technologies over the same data, at the same time, within the same server.
Replication for Dedicated Analytics
Replicate your data to a dedicated database instance for analytics, reporting, and batch processing. Unlock data warehousing and machine learning capabilities without sacrificing performance.

Further use cases

FairCom DB can be embedded directly into an application as a dynamically loaded library (.dll, .so, .dylib). Because the database server runs in the same process as the application and directly loads data to and from application memory, it gives unparalleled performance.

Server Applications
Server applications, such as stock market and backup software, embed FairCom DB to process data with unrivaled throughput and low latency.
Desktop Applications
Desktop applications, such as a productivity application or an IDE, embed FairCom DB to efficiently store multiple tables and indexes in a single file saved as a document.
Microservices embed FairCom DB as a local cache that persists data locally and bidirectionally replicates data changes to other microservice instances.