High Performance and Availability. Our No+SQL™ engines are advanced, full ACID, key-value stores supporting multiple relational & non-relational interfaces.


Modernize and Upgrade. Our legacy-focused c-treeRTG® engines are designed to quickly and easily update existing applications to today’s technologies.


Real-time and Reliable. Our c-treeAMS® Replication is highly configurable for physical and logical synchronization. You decide what to replicate and where to replicate it.


“I have been using FairCom database technology for over 15 years on many multi platform projects. The level of service, support, quality, flexibility, and price/performance of the software is exceptional."

Steven Kibler Senior Software Engineer, Flight Trak, Inc.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things requires a massive amount of database flexibility. With our unique ability to handle multi-schema data, small footprint, and various deployment options, we’re able to meet the unique needs mandated by today’s connected devices.

Software Modernization

FairCom provides a strong solution for many software developers so they can substitute their current data storage technology while making only slight adjustments to the existing application logic.

OEM Database

FairCom serves as an OEM database solution for many ISVs. We make it easy to do business with FairCom by providing easy deployment, top-quality support, and low-level integration within your software solution.

Analytics & BI

Because FairCom provides NoSQL and SQL access to the same data, you have the opportunity to get real-time analytics from your live data without a separate ETL (extract, transform, load) process.


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