The Platform Built for Industrial IoT & Edge Computing

Collect. Store. Transform. Deliver.

FairCom Edge brings universal connectivity to your production line. Manipulate data like never before with store-and-forward message queuing, on-site persistence, and IT/OT bridging.

Get more value from your data and simplify implementation for edge computing and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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Unlock the power of data at the edge

FairCom Edge is a low-code IoT platform engineered to run on the edge—from factory floors to warehouses to wind farms and retail stores. It continuously connects, transforms, reshapes, and enriches data from connected devices, machines, and sensors for data integration, real-time monitoring, edge analytics, and cloud publishing.

Easy Data Collection
Simplify data management. Collect machine data regardless of protocol. Push that data where you need it while enriching, transforming, and standardizing it along the way.
Prioritize High-Value Work
Stay focused on what matters most. Reduce time spent writing code and developing case-by-case solutions when FairCom Edge does it for you.
Consolidate Solutions
FairCom Edge is an IIoT platform that simplifies processes by consolidating technologies. It's a database, MQTT broker, IoT connector, and transformation engine.
Never Miss a Data Point
FairCom Edge combines its MQTT broker with an embedded database, ensuring guaranteed delivery at scale through store-and-forward messaging.
Enable OT Analytics
Automatically deliver collected data across factories with our easy-to-use JSON DB API. Keep it local or send it to the cloud for analytics and business intelligence reporting.

The trials and triumphs
of IIoT in manufacturing

reduction to maintenance costs after implementing IIoT-based monitoring
of manufacturers look to IIoT platforms to extract machine and sensor data
decrease in downtime after implementing IIoT-based monitoring
of manufacturers struggle with processing and persisting data on the edge

Take charge of your data

Your data, the way you need it—Edge is your universal translator.

FairCom Edge’s powerful transformation engine acts as a universal translator for your machines. Take data from any of our supported protocols and easily output it in a different format while enriching it along the way. Make decisions quickly and decisively with real-time data processing at the edge.

Take your operations to the next level by combining FairCom Edge with cloud IoT solutions. Unlock machine learning, artificial intelligence, and further analytics, while eliminating unexpected downtime through predictive maintenance.

Illustration of FairCom Edge as a Universal IoT translator.

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Need a powerful, flexible, and efficient edge solution? Experience FairCom Edge firsthand. Download the developer’s edition of Edge and see how it can streamline and unite your edge data.

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Key features

FairCom Edge comes packed with capabilities to improve your operations.

Full MQTT Broker
No need to buy additional software—Edge has a powerful store-and-forward MQTT broker.
Embedded Database
Safeguard your data with an on-site embedded database. This also allows persistent messaging for your broker.
Low-Code Configuration
Simple JSON configuration means anyone can operate Edge, regardless of background.
Query your data using your preferred API—whether that's SQL or a NoSQL API like JSON.
Connect to the Cloud
Automatically send machine data from multiple factories to cloud systems for machine learning and analytics.
Save on costs with Edge’s low-footprint, low-maintenance database.
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By integrating IIoT gateways and FairCom Edge with rotary water pumps, one Canadian metro area collects the data needed to improve its wastewater treatment systems.

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