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For more than 40 years, we've been developing solutions for clients across most major industries. Whether you're in manufacturing, finance, retail, or something else entirely, chances are we've helped a customer solve a data problem just like yours.

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IoT platform

Whether you're in a factory or a hospital, managing the amount of data generated in an IoT environment can be a challenge. An IoT platform can help with data management, device integration, message queuing, and more.

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Legacy modernization

Maybe you're integrating new equipment with a legacy system, or you need to access historical data within a legacy system. Whether it's old data, software, or hardware, you don't want it to hold your business back. We offer a number of solutions for modernizing legacy applications, unlocking legacy data, and more.

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Data transformation

While more data is being generated than ever, it's often gathered from diverse sources and in disparate formats. Whether you're looking to streamline business intelligence processes, integrate diverse datasets for advanced analytics, or migrate data across platforms effortlessly, our products can get you there.

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Embedded database

From increased performance to improved security, there are numerous benefits to embedding databases directly into your applications. We've spent more than 40 years helping businesses with our embeddable database technology, and we're confident we can help you, too.

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Additional use cases for our customers

Every business is unique, and some require unique solutions. Here are other key use cases for FairCom products.

Improving Patient Outcomes
Automatically collecting and persisting patient data from optometry devices.
Optimizing Machine Operations
Embedding databases in wastewater pumps to analyze treatment.
Securing Data Integrity
Protecting patient data in transit and at rest without sacrificing speed.
Scaling Transactions
Modernizing a legacy system to scale to millions of transactons each hour.
Critical Information Transfer
Powering a robust communications network with minimal downtime.
Internal Data Storage
Securing data for a robust software system serving the trucking industry.
Flexible Operations
Allowing customers to choose their preferred operational model.
Centralized Data Sharing
Providing medical practitioners with research data while maintaining security.
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