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Recycling wastewater with FairCom Edge

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FairCom and Uzinakod Improve the Treatment of Wastewater With IoT Technology

The Internet of Things is playing an increasing role in municipal and industrial environments as a result of recent technology advances and the continuing need for greater operational efficiency.

Uzinakod, water and IoT

As a provider of personalized technology solutions, Uzinakod prides itself in its expertise across multiple disciplines. In the field of IoT, Uzinakod works to create digital innovation through proper data processing and connectivity. One such innovation involves wastewater treatment for a major Canadian city. By integrating IoT technology, the city now has the data necessary to operate its wastewater treatment systems more efficiently. To create this solution, Uzinakod began building IoT gateways to collect data across multiple Fournier rotary water pumps. But the small size of these gateways meant Uzinakod needed software that was low-resource without sacrificing robustness.

That’s what I like about FairCom. You have everything, all in one. Just set it up, and it’s ready to use.
— Cédric Melançon, Director of IoT and Industry 4.0, Uzinakod

Enter FairCom Edge

The new gateways needed to be able to manage and integrate data collected by IoT sensors. Uzinakod accomplished this by embedding its gateways with FairCom Edge. The FairCom Edge platform is designed to manage and integrate data at or near the collection point. This means data is collected faster with fewer resources than other methods.

In addition, FairCom Edge’s embedded database persists all collected data, which enables the creation of intelligent control systems. This not only provides Uzinakod and Fournier the capability to enhance existing control systems with IoT capabilities, but also allows innovative edge-to-cloud and edge-to-edge data controls.

Why FairCom?

FairCom Edge provides critical capabilities by combining standard industrial protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA, and Modbus with a lightweight, high-performance database. This enables it to collect and transform data from a broad range of devices, machines, and sensors. As a true plug-and-play solution with built-in web apps for configuration, management, and monitoring, FairCom Edge is easy to use, requires no code, and has no external dependencies.

For detailed information about FairCom Edge, please visit its product page or contact sales.

Last Update:
March 21, 2024