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We've served customers across a multitude of industries. Whether you're in financial or insurance services, telecom, retail, manufacturing, or something else altogether, FairCom provides a solid foundation for success.

Simply put, we power the systems that power business. FairCom partners with global giants that keep the world running from day to day.

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Modern manufacturing is built on data—lots of it. Our products simplify factory operations by collecting and standardizing Industrial IoT data, even when working with different machine protocols. Communicate easily with our MQTT broker, and unlock real-time data analysis with the IoT platform built for the edge.

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Financial Services

Speed is the new global currency—but you can't sacrifice security along the way. That's why we've developed our solutions to sustain high performance while also protecting your operating environment.

Working with legacy systems? FairCom has a proven track record of modernizing and integrating legacy transaction applications without modifying source code.

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The current insurance model has glaring data inefficiencies. You want to change that—so do we.

FairCom solutions simplify accessing higher-quality data, capitalize on the power of AI analytics models to stay ahead of competitors, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and make customers actually happy about insurance.

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Not sold on the way retail handles modern challenges? Data is the key to understanding everything—from what actually creates sales to inventory management, loss prevention, pricing, and scaling operations. That’s where FairCom steps in to integrate and store data, process high-speed transactions, and modernize legacy systems.

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Still dealing with static while the rest of the world is talking about 5G and IoT? Modernize telecom operations with FairCom’s robust database featuring 99.999% uptime and lightning-fast processing speeds. Advanced file encryption means iron-clad security—which means protecting your business' reputation.

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What our customers say

“We added the FairCom database so our system could handle more sophisticated data compatibility needs with less programming support costs."
Brad Gilbertson
“All other software companies can't or don't do as good a job as [FairCom]. ... I am not aware of an organization that does a better job at customer and technical support."
Don Fitzgerald
"That’s what I like about FairCom. You have everything, all in one. Just set it up, and it’s ready to use.”
Cédric Melançon

Industry-agnostic use cases

Not everything fits into a neat little box. FairCom has also worked with many customers to provide solutions that aren't limited to a single industry.

Legacy Modernization
Turn something old into something new. Our technology lets you preserve your legacy while paving the way to the future.
Data Standardization
Simplify working with data from disparate sources. Our products can standardize data into simple JSON documents.
Security & Encryption
Safety is paramount. Keep your sensitive data under lock and key with our FIPS-compliant technology.
High-Velocity Queries
Real-time decisions require real-time data. Never get stuck waiting on query returns with FairCom's high-velocity database.