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Give your customers unparalleled speed without sacrificing security. FairCom technology powers banking, investing, taxes, real estate, and insurance businesses that serve people and corporations worldwide.

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At FairCom, we're committed to going above and beyond when working with our customers.
Here are what a few of our partners say about working with FairCom.

“FairCom DB is a perfect product for any type of mission-critical application offering speed and flexibility. ... It just works, day in and day out, without any fuss or tuning.”
Steve Kibler
Vice President, FlightTrak
“I am very impressed with FairCom. … Our products now provide much more performance and capabilities per dollar invested, in large part due to the efficiencies gained with FairCom”
Edward J. Cooley
President, Strategy Systems
“One major advantage of FairCom DB’s speed is that it has allowed us to develop features that are very data intensive with only a minimum amount of caching.”
Derek Miller
Software Engineer, Rockwell Automation

Quicker than a tap, click, or swipe

The speed of a transaction is the true global currency. With millions of daily transactions to process, both traditional financial services and fintech applications must meet peak performance requirements and sustain maximum throughput.

FairCom’s proprietary architecture is uniquely designed to sustain the financial industry's demanding performance levels.

Have your speed and security, too

The backbone of any financial institution is client trust. We can't sacrifice data security in our quest for fast processing. Whether at rest or in transit, centralized or distributed, FairCom technology offers a wide range of options to protect your data (and your reputation).

Empowering you with integrated services

Connectivity and integration are often the root of a good customer experience. Clients want convenience, and that often means open banking and sharing data, especially with third-party providers.

FairCom technology enables interoperability, portability, and API integration to meet today’s demands while also maintaining transparency, security, and data control.

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FairCom is built for fintech

We crafted our technology with speed and security at its heart.
Financial institutions can rest easy with these great features.

With our multithreaded engine
We've repurposed the time relational databases waste waiting for locks, I/O operations, and the like. FairCom DB harnesses low-level threads for high optimization and exceptional performance.
Advanced Indexing
By delaying non-critical operations
Never sacrifice speed with index prioritization. FairCom uses a 'deferred indexing' attribute to asynchronously perform key insert and delete operations.
Simplified Memory Files
For hundreds of thousands of transactions per second
When it comes to speed, you can't beat in-memory storage. Keep all your read-only files at your fingertips, and only send to disk what you need.
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Discover FairCom RTG

FairCom RTG is our legacy modernization solution. Visit the RTG page to learn more about how it can modernize legacy applications and standardize legacy data.

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