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Revolutionize your operations with an IIoT platform specifically designed for edge computing. Bring all your machine data under a single roof with a full MQTT broker and protocol transformation engine. Then, send that data to the cloud for machine learning and analytics.

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The simplicity of FairCom Edge

Easily Capture Data
Edge’s protocol transformation engine acts as a universal translator, letting you gather data regardless of protocol (and standardize it simultaneously!).
Quickly Configure with JSON
JSON configurations allow anyone to operate Edge, regardless of background. SQL- and JSON-API compatibility lets you stick with your preferred tools.
Guarantee Message Delivery at Scale
Edge provides a full store-and-forward MQTT broker; messages will always reach their final destination, even if devices periodically or unexpectedly go offline.
Consolidate Solutions
Edge combines an IIoT platform, MQTT broker, JSON and SQL database, and transformation engine. Keep operations under one solution with FairCom Edge.
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