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Gain flexibility and adaptability with up-and-coming technologies to sell your growing roster of products.

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“FairCom DB is a perfect product for any type of mission-critical application offering speed and flexibility. ... It just works, day in and day out, without any fuss or tuning.”
Steve Kibler
Vice President, FlightTrak
“I am very impressed with FairCom. … Our products now provide much more performance and capabilities per dollar invested, in large part due to the efficiencies gained with FairCom”
Edward J. Cooley
President, Strategy Systems
“One major advantage of FairCom DB’s speed is that it has allowed us to develop features that are very data intensive with only a minimum amount of caching.”
Derek Miller
Software Engineer, Rockwell Automation

Move over, Fintech—Insurtech is here

Insurtech improves the insurance model by combining existing systems with the latest technological innovations. It gives businesses easy access to data, which is essential for gaining insights and staying ahead of competitors. FairCom can help you extract these insights by bringing all your data together.

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Improve pricing and efficiency with automation

Extending automation has the potential to transform the insurance industry by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer experiences.

FairCom offers low-code solutions to collect and integrate your data from disparate sources automatically, letting you quickly access, harmonize, and store data from independent sources. The result is faster processing and an improved customer experience.

Stay up to speed with real-time insights

Faster databases allow insurers to process vast amounts of data in real time. This empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your customers.

Expedite processes and enhance the customer experience by quickly pivoting in any situation with insights at your fingertips.

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FairCom Empowers Insurance

Stay competitive with powerful technology behind every operation.

with a full-featured transactional database
Customers want fast, convenient service. Stay up-to-speed with our powerful multithreaded database.
Flexible Integration
without replacing existing systems
Don't waste what you already have. FairCom modernizes your systems with no code changes.
Easy Data Access
with industry-standard APIs
Access and extend data using industry-standard APIs, unlocking powerful analytics capabilities.
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