Broker for Mission-Critical Applications

FairCom MQ combines the benefits of an MQTT broker with the reliability of a dedicated embedded database. Its core persistence layer guarantees safe data transfer between subscribers and publishers, while the no-code configuration capabilities allow easy cross-communication for app development and IoT devices.

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Small footprint, big possibilities

FairCom MQ frees your data. Easily gather, push, and pull data wherever you need.

Simplify App Development
Add new processing capabilities without affecting existing integrations using FairCom MQ’s messaging systems. Easily send your data wherever needed.
Reliability with Persistent Messaging
Guaranteed delivery—even when devices go offline—using MQ’s embedded database. Store-and-forward capabilities mean you never miss a message.
Real-Time Monitoring & Notifications
Eliminate bottlenecks and improve decision-making with parallel processing’s real-time monitoring and notifications between applications.
Low-Code Configurations with JSON
Easily run our plug-and-play broker with simple JSON configurations to keep operations accessible.
Lightweight to Deploy Anywhere
Use FairCom MQ anywhere you need it, even with limited or unreliable bandwidth. FairCom MQ is designed to run with minimum requirements.
Protocol Transformation
Transform data for exchange between OT and IT for telemetry, alerts, status, commands, and queries—without disrupting operations.

Never miss a
message with

FairCom MQ provides persistent store-and-forward MQTT messaging. This means you can always rely on data transfers across all systems—allowing for rapid application development.  

In addition, MQ connects legacy with new devices. New subscribers can receive persisted message backlogs to keep all your machines on the same page.


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The magic behind FairCom MQ

Here are just a few of the features powering MQ.

Real-Time Notifications
Send real-time updates between applications using FairCom’s DB Notify. Our change data capture solution can push data into any system, including microservices, caches, ERP applications, databases, and more.
Greater Data Accessibility
Access your stored data in whichever way suits you—whether SQL or JSON APIs. This makes it easy not only to extract analytics data but also to exchange data between OT and IT for telemetry, alerts, status, commands, and queries.
Cloud Compatibility
Automatically push data to and from the cloud for storage, analytics, or whatever else you need. Need to save on bandwidth costs and data egress fees? MQ lets you choose which topics are pushed to the cloud, leaving the rest stored in MQ’s local database.
MQTT Dashboard
Track all connected MQTT clients and their operating status through MQ Explorer. Its built-in MQTT management tool lets you add publishers and subscribers directly from the dashboard.
Scale-out computing tasks with distributed messages among thousands of subscribers. By using a distributed hierarchy, FairCom MQ can deliver to millions of subscribers.
Easily share data with automatic transformations to MQTT, SQL, HTTPS, and JSON APIs. In addition, FairCom MQ allows data enrichment while it’s transformed and standardized

Uzinakod improves water treatment with IoT data

By integrating IoT gateways and FairCom MQ with rotary water pumps, one Canadian metro area collects the data needed to improve its wastewater treatment systems.

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