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FairCom expands the edge with 2 new releases of its edge computing products

FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ work to bring factories into Industry 4.0.

This article was first published with Business Wire.

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Nearing 45 years of focus on solving complex data management problems for the database industry, FairCom reinforces its commitment to contribute its advanced data knowledge by providing solutions to support Industry 4.0 transformations. FairCom Edge is an all-in-one platform for IIoT data management, while FairCom MQ is an MQTT broker built with persistence and reliability in mind.

“We realized a few years ago there was a skills gap at the edge. Building end-to-end edge ecosystems is rife with data problems, and solving data problems is what we know and do best,” says Alysha Brown, COO at FairCom. “By embedding a database within our solutions, we’ve created a reliable, robust IIoT platform to bring factories into Industry 4.0.”

As an MQTT broker, FairCom MQ enables MQTT client communication. It receives messages from MQTT clients, publishes them under a topic, and distributes them to topic subscribers. Unlike other brokers, FairCom MQ has an embedded database. This allows for persistent messaging with store-and-forward capabilities, so even devices that periodically (or unexpectedly) go offline will still receive all messages.

FairCom Edge is an Industrial Internet of Things integration platform built to operate on lightweight edge gateways. As an “all-in-one” platform, it comes with all the capabilities of FairCom MQ, but the true brilliance of FairCom Edge is its transformation engine. FairCom Edge can transform data from one protocol to another or even enrich it. Factories gain reliable data transfer from devices, improved interoperability (including bridging between OT and IT), and the ability to perform data analytics at the edge. With its focus on reliability, speed, and convenience, FairCom Edge allows users to seamlessly integrate many IIoT protocols, standardize factory protocols and data format, and make quicker decisions with real-time data processing at the edge. 

Additional benefits of FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ include:

  1. Easier Integration
    1. Protocol bridging allows older equipment to interface with new machinery.
    2. Message persistence allows new machines to “catch up” on information quickly.
  2. More Accessible Technology
    1. No-code and low-code JSON configuration allow anyone to create custom configurations quickly.
    2. A lower barrier to entry means more employees can be trained on integrations.
  3. Better Data
    1. Protocol transformation allows data deliverance in the proper format for each unique use case.
    2. IT/OT convergence allows both sides to get needed data without affecting operations.
  4. Lower Costs
    1. Low-code and no-code integrations reduce integration, troubleshooting, and maintenance costs.
  5. Do More With Less Working Capital
    1. Lower acquisition and maintenance costs.
    2. More agility for adding new manufacturing processes and new software.

The power of FairCom MQ and FairCom Edge means any factory can now get an IoT platform up and running in a matter of minutes, even with limited technical personnel. This lowers the barrier of entry for Industry 4.0, providing manufacturers with the crucial capabilities needed to remain competitive in the future. “Our company has evolved into new markets — namely, edge computing,” Brown says,” and we want our clients to evolve alongside us.”

About FairCom:
Since 1979, FairCom products have been powering mission-critical systems for global entities in a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to high-profile enterprise-level companies and government agencies. FairCom’s product line comprises solutions for high-speed transactions, IIoT environments, and legacy system modernization and migration.

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April 17, 2024
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