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Sometimes, the best way to vet a product is to test it yourself. That’s why we provide free downloads of the developer’s edition across our data product lines. Getting started is easy—Pick your product and OS, and let us know where to send the download instructions.

The embedded database for mission-critical applications

Our multimodel database brings performance, reliability, and scalability to your core business applications.

  • High-velocity transactions
  • Self-tuning means lower TCO
  • Easy replication and automatic failover
  • Allows both SQL and NoSQL querying
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Modernize COBOL
without touching the source code

*FairCom RTG is a solution for non-mainframe (open systems) COBOL applications

Easily modernize existing COBOL applications.

  • Real-time SQL access to COBOL data
  • Integration with modern languages
  • ACID-compliant transactions
  • Minimal DBA requirements
Download FairCom RTG

The IIoT platform for edge computing

Connect, transform, reshape, and enrich data for integration, real-time monitoring, analytics, and cloud publishing.

  • Low-to-no-code configuration
  • Embedded database stores and persists data locally
  • Protocol transformation data standardization
  • Push data to cloud IoT solutions
Download FairCom Edge

More than an MQTT broker

The benefits of an MQTT broker with the reliability of an embedded database

  • Store-and-forward messaging
  • Light-weight requirements
  • No-code and low-code JSON configurations
  • Parallel processing for real-time monitoring
Download FairCom MQ
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