COBOL Modernization for Today's Analytics & Reporting Solutions

Whether you’re looking to modernize your COBOL application or integrate it with your other systems for BI and analytics tools, FairCom RTG can help—without changing your source code.

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Scale your COBOL applications

Grow like never before with unparalleled scalability. Vertically scale to thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of tables. Horizontally scale with replication for reporting, failover, and availability.

Keep COBOL data at your fingertips

Your data is valuable. FairCom RTG lets you access legacy COBOL data through modern API and querying. Unlock business analytics and reporting without any extra coding.

Data corruption is a thing of the past

Stop losing data and manually rebuilding files after failures. FairCom RTG gives you access to hot backups and automatic recovery, giving you a reliable runtime, not downtime.

Build upon your COBOL investments

You’ve invested decades into your COBOL applications. Don’t throw away that hard work. RTG builds on top of that foundation—combining the robust batch processing of classic COBOL with modern APIs.

No Source Code Modification
Having trouble finding COBOL devs to add new functionality? FairCom RTG can help. As a standard file handler, RTG supports your existing runtimes, allowing modern APIs to interact with existing COBOL data.
Secure Your Data
Protect your COBOL data, whether at rest or in flight, with AES encryption and OpenSSL. Industry-standard X.509 certificate pairs keep your authentication credentials safe, protecting command-line utility operations.
Set It, Forget It
Minimal DBA requirements mean RTG practically runs itself—giving you more time to focus on your business. Add in its high-availability replication and disaster recovery to keep your work minimal even after disruptions.

Scale to millions of records each hour

InfoTrax needed to modernize its e-commerce solutions, but it couldn’t sacrifice high throughput. RTG added stability, scalability, and SQL access while maintaining performance.

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Sometimes, it’s best to learn from the experts. Reach out to us to set up a personalized demo of RTG. We’re happy to guide you through how RTG could modernize your non-mainframe COBOL application.

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Write modules
in modern languages

RTG lets you augment your COBOL applications using modern languages like Java, JSON, and Python. Let your devs work in the language they know best.

Key features

Hot Alter Table
Minimize disruptions with concurrent table access during alterations. There’s no need to lock entire tables for schema changes.
DB Notify
RTG allows change data capture with DB Notify. Publish changes as JSON messages that can be pushed into any system you need.
Partitioned Files
Partitioning adds a number of benefits to your applications. Quickly purge or archive data ranges at a large scale.
Keep data accessible and resilient with replication. RTG’s replication solutions give you high availability, disaster recovery, and horizontal scalability.
Hot Backups
Ensure uninterrupted operations with hot backups. Schedule backups in advance and always have a backup copy available for testing, QA, and data recovery.
Database Quiesce for SAN Snapshots
Temporarily suspend server operations to perform system maintenance, such as SAN snapshots, without taking your application offline. SAN snapshots can quickly be brought online when needed for data recovery.