Reinventing Retail Practices

Online sellers, a global pandemic, and labor shortages have sent traditional brick-and-mortar stores scrambling for a new way to be relevant in a digital-first economy. 

To remain competitive, you've got to constantly address shortcomings and push for bigger successes—and that means doing more with data than ever before.

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Here are what a few of our partners say about working with FairCom.

“FairCom DB is a perfect product for any type of mission-critical application offering speed and flexibility. ... It just works, day in and day out, without any fuss or tuning.”
Steve Kibler
Vice President, FlightTrak
“I am very impressed with FairCom. … Our products now provide much more performance and capabilities per dollar invested, in large part due to the efficiencies gained with FairCom”
Edward J. Cooley
President, Strategy Systems
“One major advantage of FairCom DB’s speed is that it has allowed us to develop features that are very data intensive with only a minimum amount of caching.”
Derek Miller
Software Engineer, Rockwell Automation

Data management and integration

Tracking and understanding customer preferences, buying behavior, inventory management, loss prevention, and pricing optimization all boil down to data. But simply “having” the data in various systems that don’t connect (let alone speak the same language) doesn’t do much good.

FairCom can help. Our solutions can take on the integration, storage, and transformation of data from multiple sources, letting you gather all your data under one roof. The result? Real-time data insights to guide your business in the right direction.

Scale your operations

Business growth is wonderful, but it leads to many unknowns—What if you opened a second store in a neighboring city? What if you turned this great idea into a franchise model? While "spend money to make money" is a common mantra, you shouldn't have to break the bank to grow your operations.

FairCom ensures your technology stack is both affordable and scalable. We combine low TCO with scalability to high-end servers and huge database sizes, letting you grow alongside your profits.

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How FairCom powers your business

Scale sustainably without needing to purchase additional database servers.
Efficient data retrieval and storage allows hundreds of thousands to millions of inserts per second.
Lower TCO
Save on costs with self-tuning servers, minimal administration, and low-code configurations.
Data Integration
Store your data how you want. Access it how you need. FairCom lets you use multiple APIs over the same data.
Rest easy with robust transaction protection, guaranteeing data recovery in nearly every system failure.
Precision control lets you tailor our solutions to you needs while maintaining high performance.
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