FairCom EDGE IIoT Integration Hub

Integrate Anything
Run Anywhere
Transform Everything

Industry 4.0
Smart Factory
Data Integration Hub

  • Easy Graphic User Interface
    • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Automatic data fabric
    • Data replication, PLC, MQTT, REST, OPC, SQL
  • Automatic data processing
    • Map, convert, transform, store, forward, replicate
  • Automatic data conversion
    • JSON, SQL, tables, time-series, C structures, PLC more …

Run Anywhere.
Integrate Anything.

Connect factory devices to each other and the cloud digital transformation starts here

Digital Transformation Starts Here

Industry 4.0 benefits

  • Increase factory uptime
    • Add data redundancy across all processes
  • Access data anywhere
    • Across the factory floor or via private or public cloud
  • Leverage critical data cached in factory controllers
    • Recipes, parts, machine learning, operations history, more …
    • Operator documentation: process, troubleshooting, more …
  • Integrate factory data with IT apps/databases
    • Bridge protocols: MQTT, REST, OPC, SQL, Replication, PLC, more …
    • Standardize data: Map, convert, transform, store, forward, replicate, data between JSON, SQL tables, time-series, C structures, PLC, more …

Secure Inside & Out

FairCom Hub can encrypt all data that it caches on disk and that it transmits over the wire. It also requires users to authenticate before it authorizes them to perform tasks. Users are assigned roles to grant access to secured features.

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Need an database to run on or near a device to collect, aggregate and forward data?

Bridge the gap between OT & IT

  • Ideal operational technology (OT) engine: Step-by-step record navigation engine
    • Provides fast, predictable processing of binary structures
  • Ideal informational technology (IT) engine: Traditional SQL engine
    • Full SQL on top of binary data structures
  • Runs on all O.T. and I.T. platforms
    • Devices to servers and everything in between

FairCom EDGE has perfected the
bridge across these two engines

Connecting Core Systems with Edge Devices

EDGE IIoT Hub provides an easy path to connect all of your factory devices while enabling highly reliable, real-time communications with each other.

With the FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub in the middle of communications, OT engineers can intercept communications and enhance them to improve manufacturing processes in real time, enabling you to increase production efficiency, decrease risks, improve safety and increase success rates.

The EDGE IIoT Hub enables you to efficiently perform the following tasks with manufacturing equipment, devices, sensors, and processes:

  • Create feed
  • Back loops
  • Process alerts
  • Monitor trends
  • Enhance manufacturing processes in real time with machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, analytics
  • Implement high speed custom processing Collect data for local processing and for delivery to other systems, such as monitoring applications, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud providers, IT applications, etc. The data can be transferred to:
    • On-premise systems
    • The cloud

Every Environment is Unique,
Customize using Popular Languages

For real-time feedback and custom transformations, the Edge Hub makes it easy for programs to be integrated. In addition to these benefits, the EDGE IIoT Hub can also be controlled by external applications written in many other languages, such as C, C++, Python, Node.JS, C#, VB and more.

Operating Systems Flexibility

FairCom technology is known for its ability to be used with a plethora of platforms and operations systems. The FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub runs on almost all operating systems, such as Windows, Windows IoT, Linux, macOS, Raspbian. It also runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and ARM processors, such as the Raspberry Pi, industrial PCs, laptops, and high-end servers. It also runs on specific PLCs, such as the Siemens Simatic Nanobox and the Rockwell Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5480 Controllers. This flexibility results in you having the ability to run EDGE IIoT Hub in almost any Industry 4.0 environment – directly in the factory, in a remote data center and in the cloud.

Monitoring UI

  • Edge management
  • Edge integration
  • MQTT management
  • Data replication
  • Monitoring
  • REST automation


  • Manage MQTT messages
  • Monitor messages by topic
  • Subscribe to topics from any MQTT broker
  • Send messages to any broker on any topic
  • Troubleshoot messages and topics

Replication UI

  • Data replication
    • Replicate any data from any FairCom EDGE to any other
    • Guarantee all data is replicated
    • Automatically replicate data continuously at high speed
  • Use Cases
    • Reliably share data across factory
    • Create highly available solutions

Architecture Example

  • Multimodel database
    • Use SQL and NoSQL APIs simultaneously over the same data
  • Easy connectors and extremely customizable data management
    • Every factory is different and has different needs
  • Pro Services – We can help
    • We deliver custom solutions across devices, the could, edge, and everywhere in between

Cloud Integration

Integrate with any public or private cloud through MQTT

Mesh Network

  • Store-and-forward reliably through a mesh network
  • Store, replicate data, and failover almost anywhere
  • Features

    The IIoT Hub provides four major core features that make it easy to create an Industry 4.0 solution in your factory.
    • Custom data processing with extendable plug-ins
    • Flexible data collection with map and transform engine and decision engine
    • Reliable data delivery with store and forward engine and replication
    • User interface provides a simple point-and-click solution to manage hundreds of IIoT Hubs
    ThingWorx Integration
    • Visually map data in the FairCom EDGE database to ThingWorx objects and properties
    • Automatically create ThingWorx models of data in the FairCom EDGE IoT Database
    • Automatically update ThingWorx when new data is inserted into FairCom EDGE in real time or on a schedule
    • Use ThingWorx new secure and efficient AlwaysOn protocol
    Massively Parallel Data Replication
    • Automatically replicate data from any number of database servers into centralized databases and vice versa
    • Automatically detect data conflicts and easily reconcile them
    • Use a drag-and-drop user interface to configure and manage replication
    • Filter which data gets replicated to each server
    • Modify replicated data in real time
    Automatic Data Aggregation
    • Automatically aggregate any numeric data
    • Define the aggregation period, such as hourly
    • Define the data retention period, such as monthly
    • Automatically add a timestamp to data being collected
    • Plug-in modules
    • Real-world working modifiable example
    OPC UA Client
    • OPC UA client
    • SDK for custom integration with your own OPC solutions
    • ANSI SQL with ODBC and JDBC
    • Integrate with all BI and analytic tools
    • Integrate with all major software development languages
    Browser-based Database Administration
    • NAV Data Explorer
    • SQL Explorer
    • Database Monitor
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