ThingWorx with FairCom EDGE

ThingWorx + FairCom EDGE


Industrial IoT in action: digital twins with MQTT and ThingWorx

Digital twins

The convergence of physical and digital worlds has led to the rise of digital twins, virtual real-time representations of physical objects, processes, and systems. Digital twins enable businesses to monitor and interact with machines virtually, and with automated machine learning and simulation, they can enable predictive maintenance, deliver actionable insight and generate closed-loop feedback.


ThingWorx is the leading Industrial IoT application and solution development platform, purpose-built to monitor and control industrial machines, processes and systems via digital twins. In addition, ThingWorx applies built-in, automatic machine learning to provide real-time actionable insight.

FairCom EDGE

FairCom EDGE combines an MQTT broker with a web server and a database, making it the world’s first converged IoT/Industrial IoT hub intended for edge deployments – whether in a retail store, on a factory floor or at a transit station. It can aggregate messages, both MQTT and OPC UA, sent by connected devices and publish them to other MQTT brokers in the cloud (e.g., AWS IoT Core), or to ThingWorx.

Edge to cloud

FairCom EDGE is best deployed at the edge, where it uses industry standard protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA to collect, transform and persist sensor/machine data from a single location. ThingWorx can be deployed in the cloud with digital twins of physical objects in multiple locations (e.g., factories). FairCom EDGE then uses the ThingWorx AlwaysOn protocol to synchronize the edge with the cloud.



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