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FairCom EDGE
The world's first converged IoT/IIoT hub


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FairCom EDGE simplifies the integration of sensor and machine data at the source – whether it’s a factory, water treatment plant, oil platform or wind farm. The world’s first converged IoT/Industrial IoT hub, FairCom EDGE unifies messaging, persistence and analytics with an all-in-one solution – complete with browser-based administration, configuration and monitoring.

FairCom EDGE supports MQTT and OPC UA for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, SQL for interactive analytics and HTTP/REST for real-time monitoring. It continuously retrieves data from sensors and machines with OPC UA support, and receives messages from those with MQTT support. The data is automatically parsed, persisted and made accessible via MQTT and SQL.


Solving IIoT data integration challenges with an edge hub

Industry 4.0 and IT/OT convergence

Industry 4.0 requires a bridge between OT and IT, a means of connecting the physical components managed by OT with the software managed by IT – the creation of cyber-physical system to drive production efficiency and cost reduction with intelligent automation, predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring.

However, cyber-physical systems are fueled by data and rest on a foundation of data integration pipelines. The challenge is getting access to OT data and making it available to IT software, developers and data scientists – and without having to write custom code.

The solution is an IoT/Industrial IoT edge hub, software that collects data from machines and sensors via common industrial protocols and makes it available to applications via standard software protocols.

OT integration


FairCom EDGE includes a powerful MQTT broker which, unlike traditional Industrial IoT hubs and standalone MQTT brokers, does not require a separate, third-party database for persistence and data integration. It automatically parses, transforms and persists MQTT messages to its underlying database. Learn more


FairCom EDGE can retrieve data from OPC UA servers embedded within PLCs or running on edge gateways. It will, for each OPC UA server, request the current value of one or more nodes at a specified interval and persist the data to its underlying database.


FairCom EDGE includes a ThingWorx connector and extension to synchronize sensor and machine data stored in FairCom EDGE with “things” in a ThingWorx project. ThingWorks can then be used to map specific FairCom EDGE data to different “things” and specify how often their property should be updated. Learn more

Protocol bridging

FairCom EDGE can automatically publish data retrieved from OPC UA servers as messages to topics hosted by its MQTT broker. As a result, MQTT clients can indirectly subscribe to data hosted on OPC UA servers.

IT integration


FairCom EDGE provides custom and commercial off-the-shelf applications with remote data access via SQL. For example, BI/reporting tools can connect to FairCom EDGE via standard JDBC/ODBC drivers.


FairCom EDGE enables web developers to easily and quickly build custom HTML/JavaScript applications by providing them with direct access to data over HTTP – removing the need for an application server and backend code.

Native APIs

FairCom EDGE supports the development of high-performance applications via native APIs, allowing developers to bypass SQL with client implementations available in languages such as Java, C# and Node.js.

Web server

FairCom EDGE allows web developers to embed customer, real time dashboards within it by taking advantage of its built-in web server and HTTP/REST endpoints.

Web UIs

MQTT Explorer

The MQTT broker can be configured, managed and monitored with MQTT Explorer, a web UI running within FairCom EDGE. It provides customers with an easy way to create MQTT topics and monitor them in real time, and to browse MQTT message data after it has been parsed, transformed and persisted to the underlying database.

SQL Explorer

MQTT message data can be analyzed in real-time with SQL Explorer, a built-in web UI for managing and monitoring the underlying database as well as building and running interactive SQL queries and scripts. There is no need for a separate, third-party GUI when it comes to visually browsing and query data in FairCom EDGE.


IoT/IIoT hub

MQTT broker


Try out the developer edition of FairCom EDGE today!