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What is FairCom Edge?

FairCom Edge is a low-to-no-code IoT integration platform engineered to run on the edge — from wind farms and factory floors to warehouses and retail stores. It continuously connects, transforms, reshapes, and enriches data from connected devices, machines, and sensors for data integration, real-time monitoring, edge analytics, and cloud publishing.

“With the creation of the platform that we are working on right now, FairCom is at the core. I really see the database as a central point for the IoT solution.”

Cédric Melançon, IoT/Industry 4.0 Specialist


  • A powerful processing engine that can map any supported input protocol to any supported output protocol, such as mapping OPC UA protocol to MQTT or bridging SQL to ThingWorx.
  • More supported input protocols, including Modbus, OPC UA, and the new JSON DB API, which manages data using simple JSON messages sent over HTTP or WebSocket.
  • Track MQTT machines on the floor and view historical MQTT client connection information with our improved MQ Dashboard.
  • Improved performance for MQ’s MQTT Broker to support concurrent connections.
  • Improved scalability to support multiple device connections using MQTT.
  • Simplified Integration tables to better bridge between traditionally incompatible machine protocols.
  • New advanced transformation (JSONtoJSON) added to enhance and enrich inputs.
  • MQTT 3.1.1 and 5.0 specification compliance.
  • Create and manage internal security certificates for TLS.
  • Bug fixes.
  • The ability to transform data as it passes through FairCom Edge. For example, it can convert Siemens binary data into JSON; it can extract properties from JSON; and it can take table data and convert it into JSON.
  • Support for MQTT 5, which allows shared subscriptions and request/response messaging. FairCom Edge’s embedded MQTT broker can also forward data to and from other MQTT brokers running locally or in the cloud.
  • New Hub and MQ APIs to configure FairCom Edge’s features at runtime using JSON messages.
  • Browser-based user interfaces to make it easy to configure FairCom Edge, monitor MQTT, send and subscribe to MQTT messages, and manage data captured in FairCom Edge’s embedded database.

Edge 4.0 New Features Graphic

FairCom Edge Diagram


Industry 4.0 requires a bridge between OT and IT — a means of connecting the physical components managed by OT with the software managed by IT.

Many industries rely on cyber-physical systems to drive production efficiency and cost reduction with intelligent automation, predictive maintenance, and condition-based monitoring.

However, these systems are fueled by data and rest on a foundation of data integration pipelines. The challenge is getting access to OT data while making it available to IT software, developers, and data scientists — without having to write custom code.

The solution to this conundrum is an IoT/Industrial IoT Platform with an embedded database. FairCom Edge collects data from machines and sensors via common industrial protocols and makes it available to applications via standard software protocols.


  • Data persistence on the edge with embedded SQL/NoSQL database.
  • No-code/low-code setup with simple JSON configurations.
  • Seamless OT/IT integration with built-in protocol transformation.
  • Store-and-forward messaging with internal MQTT broker.
FairCom Edge Protocol Bridge Diagram


FairCom Edge’s powerful transformation engine lets you take data from any of our supported protocols and easily output it in a different format. Make decisions quickly and decisively with real-time data processing at the edge — and make sure that data is always in the right format for the task at hand.

Take your operations to the next level by combining FairCom Edge with cloud IoT solutions. Unlock machine learning, artificial intelligence, and further analytics, while eliminating unexpected downtime through predictive maintenance.


Industry 4.0 deserves technology to match. That’s why FairCom Edge v4.1 exists — this IoT/IIoT integration platform offers IT/OT convergence through protocol bridging, messaging with an internal MQTT broker, and data persistence on the edge with its embedded SQL/No SQL database. Don’t let good data go to waste; use FairCom Edge to easily transform it into the format you need.

The innovation doesn’t have to stop there. FairCom Edge’s capabilities can be harnessed in conjunction with cloud-based analytics. The result? A cyber-physical system capable of improving your productions. Unlock intelligent automation, predictive maintenance, and condition-based monitoring — and leave your competitors in the dust.

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