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Self-contained, high-speed microservices with embedded NoSQL Database

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This webinar originally streamed in October 2021.

The architectural differences between microservices and monolithic web applications have created an opportunity to further improve and simplify data access.The ideal microservice has no external dependencies, including a remote database server, and is the sole provider of read/write access to a subset of data (e.g., customer profiles).

In this webinar, we'll explain how to build self-contained, high-speed microservices with a hybrid embedded/client-server database architecture—eliminating network overhead and replacing batch processing (i.e., SQL) with data streaming.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Use an embedded database in microservices
  • Interact with data programmatically rather than via SQL
  • Access tables and query results as streams
Last Update:
June 12, 2024