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Extending the life of COBOL applications by unlocking data

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This webinar was originally streamed in March 2021.COBOL applications running on servers instead of mainframes often become difficult to maintain and scale because they're limited to primitive, file-based data access.Further, COBOL application data is difficult to access outside of the applications themselves. The end result is an untenable mess of processes for fixing corrupt files and sharing data.In this webinar, we'll explain how to modernize COBOL data access by replacing data files with a database — and how to do it transparently so no code or runtime changes are required.Watch and learn how c-treeRTG helps:

  • Eliminate corrupt COBOL data files
  • Scale COBOL applications to thousands of users
  • Provide BI/reporting tools with access to COBOL data
Last Update:
March 22, 2024