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Better automation with BoxWorks and FairCom DB

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BoxWorks Technologies writes customized, automated inventory and material handling software for the beverage, food service/supply, educational supply, and paper products industries. Household names such as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, and Dole use BoxWorks' solutions to handle and distribute products and automate inventory report generation, transaction histories, and tracking reports.

Given the depth and breadth of company product lines and sales volumes, these are critical and complex tasks. Distributors using BoxWorks' solutions must respond to fluctuating, variable consumer preferences by maintaining lean inventories and tight product turnaround times. This typically involves running hundreds of inventory reports numerous times daily, frequently drawing from the same data records when multiple requestors ask for reports simultaneously. Real-time insight into day-to-day product movement is critical, and FairCom DB plays a key role.

Last Update:
November 11, 2022