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Is MQTT Becoming the De Facto Standard of Industry 4.0?

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This webinar was originally streamed in June 2022. Produced in partnership with DBTA.Although industrial control systems switched from analog to digital many decades ago, integration difficulties persist to this day — with multiple proprietary protocols preventing systems from true integration. While OPC UA was created specifically to address this problem, it only saw partial success, and it's still not as pervasive and adopted as it should be. MQTT is changing that scenario quickly, with smart sensors, cameras, and now even PLCs natively implementing this old-but-revamped protocol. Edge computing is one of the primary causes of this transformation.This presentation will explore how MQTT has been helping system integrators overcome the challenges of hybrid integrations for Industry 4.0 projects that include OPC UA and other protocols.

Last Update:
March 22, 2024