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Computer Associates empowers COBOL with FairCom RTG

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Computer Associates International has been developing and supporting software solutions for more than 99% of the Fortune 500® in more than 100 countries for over a quarter century. CA's world-class solutions address all aspects of eBusiness process management, information management, and infrastructure management in six focus areas: enterprise management, security, storage, portal and business intelligence, database management, application life cycle management, and application development.

As the world's third-largest enterprise software company, CA provides industry-leading integrated solutions through strategic partnerships and powerful brands such as Unicenter, BrightStor, eTrust, CleverPath, Advantage, Jasmine, and AllFusion. With mission-critical software in security and storage, CA provides reliable, quality technology. CA works hard to achieve the highest quality in their solutions to help their customers meet changing business needs. That's why CA became the first and only global enterprise software company to meet the exacting standards for worldwide ISO 9002 certification.

Advantage™ CA-Realia® II Workbench™ provides a mainframe-compatible COBOL development environment on the PC. It uses the power of the PC environment to improve the development and maintenance of COBOL and CICS applications. FairCom provides the underlying technology for the runtime file system of Advantage CA-Realia II Workbench. Computer Associates selected FairCom technology for this application because of the strength and flexibility of FairCom DB and FairCom RTG, as well as the flexibility of FairCom's business models.

Last Update:
November 14, 2020