DB Made Simple

Our flagship product has been revamped with new features to improve and simplify your experience.

Use JSON commands to manage FairCom DB operations and quickly build web applications using any programming language, whether Java, C#, Javascript, Python, etc.

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Simplify with JSON DB API

Manage all database operations through JSON DB API. Use simple JSON commands to:

• Query data and create tables
• Create, alter, delete, and describe databases, tables, and indexes
• Update records
• Run SQL queries and return results as JSON documents
• Look up records by key

For a complete list of what JSON DB API can do, visit our documentation.

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Improved replication

Use v13's Replication Agent Manager to easily control many replication agents simultaneously. Replicate individual data files, superfiles, folders, and databases. The replication engine will automatically detect and replicate new data files added to replicated folders and databases.
Synchronous Replication for High Availability
Create highly available solutions to eliminate single points of failure and ensure continuous operations.
Asynchronous Replication for Read-Only Servers
Create multiple read-only servers for scaling your application and creating disaster recovery servers.
Bidirectional Asynchronous Replication for Horizontal, Eventually Consistent Scaling
Minimize network latency by allowing users to read and write data to their closest data center.
Learn more about v13's Replication Agent Manager

Cache enhancements

Dynamic Cache Resizing

Resize your server's data and index caches on demand, without restarting the server. The cache size can also dynamically increase as needed for additional database connections.

Cache Priming at Server Startup

FairCom DB v13 introduces a high-speed, in-memory cache with predictable, low-latency response times through cache priming at server startup. This new cache command has the server use a multi-threaded background process to load specific files and indexes during server startup.

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Security improvements

Open SSL v3
FairCom DB v13 uses Open SSL v3 for all secure communications. This includes TCP, HTTPS, WebSocket Secure, and MQTT Secure.
FIPS 140–2 Support
OpenSSL integrates with FIPS verification technology, which means v13 can support the 140–2 FIPS standard.
Client Certificate Authentication
Authenticate with FairCom DB v13 using X.509 client certificates signed by your private certificate authority.
Private Certificate Management
Give control to your security team. We provide Python scripts and tutorials to let them easily create and manage certificates for authorization.
Secure Communications by Default
FairCom servers only accept connections that use secure encryptions. You can still configure a FairCom server to support less secure or insecure communications as needed.
HTTP Strict Transport Security
DB v13 includes an application server that accepts web connections. The HSTS protocol will prevent insecure connections, but you can override if needed.
Technical Documentation

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