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FairCom named a top 10 edge computing solution provider

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Cloud Computing Outlook lauds FairCom EDGE’s Industry 4.0 data management and integration capabilities

Note: c-treeEDGE became FairCom EDGE in October 2020.

Recently, FairCom Corporation was named to the “Top 10 Edge Computing Solution Providers – 2020” list by Cloud Computing Outlook. The list recognizes 10 companies that create a significant impact by delivering solutions that advance the field of edge computing. The FairCom EDGE Industry 4.0 solution is singled out for its robust, low-code integration capabilities for Industry 4.0.

In its feature about FairCom EDGE, Cloud Computing Outlook went into detail about the product’s unique edge capabilities and features. The article highlighted how FairCom EDGE can be used in a wide range of settings. Cloud Computing said, “[FairCom EDGE] is optimized for edge-computing environments to serve the needs of factory automation, smart cities, medical device integration, and smart retail. The product is designed specifically for an individual device to collect, transform, store, process and integrate hierarchical data locally on the device or on a small industrial computer close to the device.”

The reason FairCom EDGE is ideal for edge-computing, IoT and IIoT environments is that it is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for quickly integrating IoT data. Without code, it can automatically integrate, collect, aggregate and synchronize mission-critical data on the edge and integrate it with the cloud. FairCom EDGE is cloud neutral and runs on all major cloud services, allowing it to easily connect applications, cloud services and on-premise technologies.

In keeping with FairCom EDGE’s focus on delivering low-cost, low-code integrations, developers can build plug-ins for FairCom EDGE to extend its features with custom machine learning algorithms, unique data transformations, proprietary communication protocols, etc. The cost of development is contained to a few specific capabilities that FairCom EDGE automatically integrates into its low-code integration environment.

FairCom EDGE also provides a software development kit for device developers who want to build more capable solutions more quickly. It provides mature Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it easy to leverage its built-in NoSQL/SQL database, MQTT broker and client, data replication engine, OPC UA client, REST API, PLC client, ThingWorx client, etc. These features are fully integrated with each other to speed the development of software for manufacturing equipment, hospital devices, smart city sensors, factory PLCs, retail trackers, etc. Using FairCom EDGE literally makes it a snap to integrate devices with each other, with the cloud and with backend IT solutions.

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