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Transform your IoT data with FairCom EDGE

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Solution automatically integrates edge-computing devices and systems

Building your IoT ecosystem can become a daunting task as more and more devices and systems are added. This means more data, connectors, transformers, user interfaces and lost messages, which can result in a data integration nightmare. … FairCom EDGE is designed specifically to solve this problem for IoT, which includes IIoT, Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart hospitals and smart retail.

FairCom EDGE is a complete integration solution for IoT and IIoT. It combines the power of a full-featured database with connectors, transformers and user interfaces. It automatically integrates the devices and systems in your edge-computing, IoT and Industry 4.0 environments.

It also automatically multiplexes between protocols so data coming in on one protocol can go out on another. Equally important, FairCom EDGE guarantees the delivery of messages across the IoT and IIoT environments using its built-in Store and Forward technology.

What can FairCom EDGE do for you?

  • Automatically collects the data at the source
  • Automatically transforms data with low-code
  • Automatically delivers the data anywhere
  • Automatically converts data across any platform

What can you do with FairCom EDGE?

  • Automate factories, smart cities, hospitals, and retail
  • Integrate edge data automatically with ThingWorx running in the cloud
  • Integrate edge data automatically to and from cloud IoT solutions
  • Integrate systems running in the edge using MQTT, OPC UA, REST, JSON RPC, etc.
  • Build custom applications for the edge by leveraging FairCom EDGE’s built-in database, app server, MQTT broker, REST API, JSON RPC APIs, SQL, connectors, plugins, and drivers for Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, etc.

Explore FairCom EDGE here. You can also schedule a demo and download a free trial version.

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March 22, 2024
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