Welcome FairCom DB V12

Welcome to FairCom DB V12

Available 11-10-2020

Introducing FairCom DB V12

Prior to the release of V12, FairCom DB was known as c-treeACE. In addition to the name change, V12 includes new features that expand the flexibility, reliability and speed that FairCom customers rely on for their mission-critical needs.

"FairCom DB V12 is better than advertised. This database increases performance, lowers total cost of ownership and provides unrivaled reliability."

Claudio Hintermann. CEO at Abacus Research

NEW key developer features in FairCom DB V12

  • Up to 3x faster overall performance: New server-side bulk data processing that can insert up to millions of records per second, enhanced scalability to millions of records per transaction, better index compression and support for millions of simultaneous open files.
  • More capacity with 64 K string fields, 2,500 columns per table, unlimited indexes per table, millisecond timestamp fields and UTF-8 in all string fields.
  • Enhanced SQL engine with faster SQL joins, JSON log files, JDBC 4.3, running a single SQL statement across multiple databases and multiple inserts in a single statement.
  • Support for JSON data type with indexing and querying of any JSON property, allowing the storage of documents.
  • Faster backup and recovery: Backing up directly to STDOUT, restoring directly from STDIN, using wildcards to include or exclude files in backups, and significant enhancements to APIs and utilities to improve the management of files.
  • Enhanced security with a new version of TLS, support for OpenSSL, faster encryption at rest and in transit, LDAP integration, logging of authentication attempts, automatically expiring passwords, automatically locking out accounts, automatically enforcing password strength, blocking connections, master key management, integration with AWS Key Management Services, and read-only servers.
  • Built-in servers for REST, and JSON RPC over HTTP. These make it easy to create databases, tables and indexes; insert, update and delete data; and retrieve, query and return data.
  • Web browser-based applications include Replication Manager, SQL Explorer, MQTT Explorer, and ISAM Explorer.
  • Data replication features include faster and more scalable performance, synchronous replication, parallel replication, automatic deployment of replication plans, C++ and JSON APIs for automating replication, and a new user interface to create and manage replication across the enterprise.
  • High availability (Beta version) for deploying clusters of servers that detect failure and automatically fail over. This includes support for Linux and Windows clustering, as well as FairCom’s built-in clustering.
  • Plug-in API for easily extending database capabilities and for running continuous server-side processes, such as servers, connectors, machine learning, real-time analytics, etc.
  • More than 100 new functions, new drivers for Python, JavaScript in the browser and JavaScript in Node.js. Increased overall diagnostics for memory usage, logging and indexing.
  • Diagnostics for each logged-in account to track disk reads, writes and cache hits, as well as file opens, closes, creates, renames and deletes.
  • More than 25 client login interface (CLI) utilities provide access to new or enhanced features for encryption, compression, repairing data, recovering data, importing Unicode data, caching data, recording/viewing/replaying transactions, replicating data, managing data and index files, failing over, and managing security.
  • More than 60 new configuration options for managing features that automatically tune indexes, automatically manage data and log growth, automatically reclaim deleted space, automatically timestamp records, and alert on low disk space.
  • Additional OS and hardware platforms include 32-bit and 64-bit ARM, Raspberry Pi OS, Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave, IBM AIX for Power 9 (P9), IBM System 390 Linux, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

Replication Manager

A browser-based graphical user interface, called Replication Manager, runs in a central location to configure, manage and monitor data replication across hundreds of servers and thousands of tables and files. FairCom Replication can also be automated through a JSON/HTTP web service API and a C/C++ API.

Enhanced performance. Increased security. Strengthened reliability. And a new name.

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