By offering both data models in a single database you can choose which data model is right for the application. You’re empowered to utilize both NoSQL and SQL methodologies within the same application, or even different applications, all over the same single instance of your data. By blending both data models into one DataBase Management System (DBMS), not only do you ease the complexity of your operations, but you’re able to build something more powerful than before. With No+SQL you maintain incredible performance, control, and reliability within NoSQL, while blending the standards, ease-of-integration, and easy ad-hoc query support afforded by SQL.

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The secret to our seamless multimodel integration of NoSQL and SQL is our unique layered API design. With many database fundamentals—such as ACID-compliant transactions, row and key-level locking, deadlock detection, and more—implemented in our lowest common denominator API, the NoSQL API, you can mix and match any combination of the above interfaces, all over the same single instance of your NoSQL data without fear of deadlocks or other multi-user interference. You aren’t constrained by a single API or framework—with FairCom DB, you can safely mix and match any combination. Have at it!

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ANSI Compliant

Standards-Compliant SQL Engine

For all the advantages of NoSQL, it is equally important remember the power of SQL. Standards, ease of integration, and familiarity are just some of the SQL strengths that are extremely relevant to application developers today. If you’re a developer, chances are you know SQL and you know when a vendor is offering a full functioning RDBMS.

FairCom DB is an ANSI-compliant database engine with support for everything you expect from a robust SQL database including stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions, ODBC, JDBC, and a wealth of standard interfaces. Built upon our roots of NoSQL ISAM, our SQL technology has been proven by mission-critical applications for over a decade. We continually evolve our NoSQL and SQL engines so that no matter which model you use—SQL, NoSQL, or both—you can rest assured you are getting the latest and very best in DBMS technology.

SQL Stored Procedures

Implement stored procedures and triggers by writing code using either the .NET environment or Java.

NoSQL Stored Procedures

Available using the NoSQL Message Queue and Notification Features.

SQL User-Defined Functions

Can be coded using Java, .NET, a C API, and any of several methods FairCom offers for implementing user-defined code at the NoSQL level.

SQL Interactive Scripting

The FairCom DB Interactive SQL Utility (often referred to as ISQL) gives you an ability to issue SQL statements directly from a command line with immediate results displayed at the terminal. Interactive SQL support is also offered through a SQL IDE.

Access Control Views

Create and filter only the data you declare available to third-party tools and customers. Complete granted permissions, including group level, allow you to fine tune the exact control you wish to give.


Create meaningful names for tables and columns to empower end users to be more self-sufficient when querying application data.

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