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Dynamic Backups

Secure, reliable backups are a critical component of business continuity plans, but they can be difficult to keep efficient. With real-time database backups, users no longer have to stop their work during backups. This can increase productivity by saving significant time while also providing protection and security for your data.

FairCom DB supports hot backups, termed Dynamic Dumps. Server setup can include scheduled backups for specified files, which may be all files necessary for recovery or a subset of them. Multiple backups can be scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly. Backups can also be submitted on-the-fly for ad hoc file copies.

FairCom DB is designed for maximum data availability. Most administrative tasks can be performed while the server is online. Most importantly, dynamic database backups can be conducted without any disruption to normal operation. This includes both client query and update.

Administration files, transaction processing files and user data files can all be archived to disk or tape without stopping the database server, removing users, or even closing the files. The users will not even know a backup is in progress thanks to FairCom DB’s sophisticated Dynamic Dump facility that permits “live” or dynamic backups. The backup executes while FairCom DB is actively processing transactions and is transparent to users for unattended operations. Of course, files under full transaction control participate best with live dynamic dumps. However, files not under transaction control, including non FairCom files, can be backed up with some caveats.


Quiesce to Snapshot

Features like our Dynamic Dump allow for unattended operation when it comes to maintaining the security of your data. Periodically however, there may be times when an administrator may wish to open a maintenance window for more detailed and comprehensive data management. Stopping a server can be challenging in a high availability setting with large numbers of users. Coordinating this down time can be a frustrating experience.

FairCom DB removes this frustration with a functionality to halt FairCom server operations cleanly. The quiesce functionality temporarily pauses FairCom DB operations—briefly halting user activity—while allowing applications to remain connected. During the pause, system administrators can perform maintenance or other on-demand activities without having to fully stop an application. Files can be easily accessed for backup, which is especially useful for hardware-based disk snapshot utilities.


Easy Configuration

FairCom DB configuration is unlike other databases, which are typically designed for general purpose and require tuning and ongoing maintenance to configure them to the application’s specifications. FairCom DB is a nearly zero-administration database. Ideal for ISVs and commercial deployments, our team works with yours to ensure we deliver FairCom DB pre-configured for your application so you and your end users will have minimal maintenance concerns and need less training for your DBAs. Configure it once and walk away, using our SNAPSHOT statistics to monitor remotely. For DBAs who like to keep their hands busy, we offer a wide variety of tools, like our configuration manager, to keep the job simple and straightforward. DBAs will be glad to know they have complete automatic recovery after system failures.



FairCom DB tracks and reports a wealth of performance-oriented statistics. The server’s performance Snapshot capability enables the capture of performance monitoring data using a combination of configuration file options and the SnapShot FairCom DB API function. Performance data can be captured automatically at specified intervals or on demand. Monitoring utilities are provided to graphically display and present information in multiple contexts, including overall system stats, user stats, and file stats. Scriptable utilities are provided for integrating with external monitoring and reporting systems.

GUI, Command Line, or Browser-based

A Complete Set of Tools

FairCom DB is designed for simple use. A complete suite of tools has been included to enhance the development experience and ease of operation. The GUI-based tools are available in .NET, Java, and HTML versions and are designed to take full advantage of FairCom DB technology. In addition to GUI interfaces, FairCom DB offers scriptable command-line utilities for any administrative or maintenance task.

ISAM Explorer

With FairCom DB ISAM Explorer you can create and manage tables and take advantage of every FairCom option available for the utmost in control.

SQL Explorer

Define and manage databases, users and tables. Display data. Create and manage your stored procedures, triggers, and user defined functions.

Query Builder

Build and execute complex queries against your data. Simply select your tables, join methods, and sort criteria from the available options.

Security Administrator

FairCom DB Security Administrator is a quick and easy graphical utility to modify FairCom DB user, group, and file security attributes.

Performance Monitor

FairCom DB Performance Monitor provides graphical real-time monitoring for many FairCom DB SNAPSHOT statistics.

Status Log Analyzer

With this tool, you can spot unexpected problems, as every event is flagged by category and color coded.

Configuration Manager

The complete list of FairCom DB configuration keywords is now at your fingertips.

Load Test Utility

Display benchmark performance results that you should expect from a typical FairCom DB application.


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