Granular Permissions

Table-Based Ownership and Access Permissions

Table-based ownership and access permissions provide a high level of access granularity. Mirroring Unix-style user and group permissions including read, write, file definition, and file delete, FairCom DB servers expose only information required by an application user. Permissions and ownership are enforced for both key-value and SQL access.

OEM Control

Secure OEM Client/Server Deployments

Secure OEM client/server deployments protect your application deployment from other FairCom DB products that may be co-deployed at the same site. A strict handshake between a specific OEM client and target server ensures only the applications and tools designed for that application environment are allowed. Tamper-proof configuration files further prevent end-user changes from disrupting precise application controls.


User-Defined Row-Level Security

User-defined callback modules can be deployed to intercept every database read and write, further enforcing application-specific security rules. User access can be validated directly at the ISAM column level. Write callbacks allow enforced updating of custom field information such as modified timestamps and global unique identifier (GUID) insertions automatically by the server.

Security Controls

FairCom DB provides a variety of database access security mechanisms and deployment options including authentication controls, integration with external systems, and advanced data encryption. With proper external environment administration and a selected variety of FairCom DB security controls, you can securely create a protected environment for your data.

Advanced data encryption including AES (Rijndael), Twofish, Blowfish, and 3DES

User authentication controls

Number of allowed consecutive login failures with lockout delay on further attempts

Must log-in period

Beginning and ending user access dates

Administrative block of user logins

Integration with external centralized LDAP and Unix shadow authentication systems

Table-based ownership and access permissions at ISAM and SQL

Transaction history auditing

SQL group-level permissions

Unix-style table-based access permissions

Password protected files

Tamper-proof configuration files

Secure OEM client/server deployments


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