Recoverability You Trust

Transaction Control

Full ACID Compliance for SQL and NoSQL

FairCom DB provides ACID compliance for both NoSQL and SQL transactions. ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) is the proven choice for database integrity, allowing automatic recovery of all committed transactions from any software or hardware failure in all but the most extreme circumstances.

NoSQL’s “eventual data consistency” is not appropriate for applications that require accurate data in real-time. ACID compliance is required for online transaction processing such as financial, transportation, shipping, and manufacturing applications.

You can fine-tune FairCom DB by choosing the amount of transaction control you need: complete transaction control for absolute data integrity / no transaction durability for read-only look-ups where performance is the prime consideration.

Recoverability with Performance

Deferred Transaction Logging

Minimize Your Window of Vulnerability

Full transaction control syncs transaction logs to disk with each commit, ensuring data integrity. With today’s hardware and power redundancies, it’s possible to slightly relax these constraints and still maintain an acceptable data risk tolerance.

FairCom DB provides Deferred Transaction Logging, which allows log updates to remain cached after a transaction has committed. Administrators can adjust the amount of time the log is left un-synced to maintain an acceptable window of vulnerability while increasing performance.

Think of it as “ACId” with a lower-case “d”: you have deferred the Durability—you have not eliminated it. The result is blazing fast performance, even under the most demanding persisted transaction requirements.

Robust Indexing Options

Advanced Indexing

Indexing Options Address Every Need

FairCom DB provides advanced indexing options to meet every need. You can use exactly the indexing your application demands:

Deferred Indexing – Mission-critical applications cannot afford to make any sacrifice in performance. To meet these demands, FairCom developed Deferred Indexing. In this mode, a background thread performs key insert and delete operations on the index files asynchronously. This eliminates the overhead of updating all associated indices—potentially a large number—on every Add, Delete, and Update. Not only is performance improved, stability and reliability can also benefit from the more efficient design.

Deferred Key Loading – Make your index immediately available, in an “eventually consistent” state, until all keys are completely loaded. Then the index switches into a fully available and consistent mode.

Temporary Indices – A single function call creates a temporary index, which will be automatically purged when the application closes.

Index Compression – Using padding and leading-character compression methods, compression avoids disk-full problems in heavily-indexed databases.

“The product has always performed well and the FairCom group has always released a high quality product. But the best thing is that our customers have told us that they love it, they simply install the Server and forget about it.”

FairCom Customer, ISV Market


Automatic Recovery

FairCom’s transaction management system maintains transaction log files recording information necessary to recover from unexpected problems. Information concerning ongoing transactions is continually journaled to these transaction logs. A chronological series of transaction logs is maintained during the operation of the server. Should an event occur that halts FairCom DB server processing, these logs are replayed fully restoring your database to a consistent state—up to and including the last committed transaction—on the next FairCom DB restart. Not only are index rebuilds avoided, but relational integrity between tables is also preserved when atomic transactions are used. Recovery is fully automatic requiring no administrative attention for truly unattended operations. At the end of recovery, FairCom DB is ready-to-go.

Early Warning

Disk-Full Detection

A full disk can result in a critical condition for your systems. FairCom DB can monitor disk space to ensure adequate resources for data files and transaction logs, and even take proactive steps when a low disk space condition is detected.


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