Technology Sized to Fit Your Need

One size does not fit all. Different applications have different workloads and processing demands on the database. The FairCom Database Engine is designed to deliver the highest degree of performance, scalability, and data integrity for your applications. Whether you need an engine to power a desktop application supporting a limited feature-set and a handful of users, or a more sophisticated enterprise-class engine supporting thousands of users and demanding throughput, FairCom has a solution that fits your needs.

FairCom offers three editions of the FairCom DB Server—Essential, Evolve, and Enterprise. FairCom empowers you to select the edition of the database engine that best aligns with the business and technical requirements of your application and your target market.

Selecting the Right Edition

There are some important dimensions to consider when selecting the right edition: the end-user’s operating environment, the feature set needed for the application, and your target usage.

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FairCom DB Editions Pricing

Depending on the edition, FairCom DB is priced using either a per-user or per-core basis. Pricing of the database is an important component of the application and we work closely with our partners to understand their needs to find the appropriate price point and deployment model that meets their needs. Customers choose FairCom DB because of the low TCO we offer. If you’re ready to talk with us about pricing fit to your needs, please contact us.

Regardless of the FairCom DB edition you choose, you must execute a signed agreement before any distribution or commercial/production use. Continue reading below to learn more about distribution and licensing options.




Edition Pricing

Per User

Per User or Per Core

Per User or Per Core

FairCom DB Deployment Options

FairCom has a number of distribution models that vary somewhat depending upon which FairCom operational model you’ve selected for your application. While you can purchase our standard FairCom DB Server licenses “off-the-shelf” (by ordering them from FairCom and having us deliver a server license, license authorization file, and server installer you can provide to your end-users), a duplication and distribution agreement is the way to go if any of the following is true:

  • You’re an ISV and plan to deploy a significant volume of servers
  • You want to tightly integrate the servers into your solution by including them in your installer, on your physical media, or as part of a download
  • You want to umbrella the server licensing in your own software license
  • You plan to deploy one of our custom servers, bound servers, or server .dll/.so models
  • You want to earn volume discounts
  • You have a custom licensing need that doesn’t match FairCom’s standard user or CPU core counting


Because FairCom technology is incorporated into a wide range of applications, we are very flexible when it comes to licensing. We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and try to develop a deployment model that meets their needs.

Other Distribution Considerations

It should be noted that regardless of the operational model you choose (standalone, client/server, custom server, etc.) you must execute a signed agreement before any distribution.

If you are using our standard FairCom DB Servers for your deployment and only require a small number of servers, you can execute a FairCom DB Client Deployment amendment (which gives you the right to embed and deploy the client-side components of FairCom DB ) and purchase FairCom DB server licenses “off-the-shelf” by ordering them from FairCom as needed.

For standalone deployments, there is a simple two-page FairCom DB Standalone Deployment Amendment, an amendment to the shrink-wrap development license that allows you to purchase blocks of executables to meet your deployment needs.

Server License Types

FairCom offers a variety of server licenses to meet the specific needs of customers. Each server is licensed on a per instance basis. The types of licenses include:

  • Production Licenses
    • Intended for commercial applications that you are developing and plan to distribute to either individuals or other companies
    • Also intended for applications that you are developing and plan to distribute within your own company
  • Development Licenses
    • Intended for the programmers in your company who are writing code and using a c-tree API
  • Test/QA Licenses
    • Intended for the testing, quality assurance, and other non-production use by either the company developing the application or (for ISVs) the end-user company running the production environment
  • Other Special-Use Licenses
    • Contact FairCom about possible licenses for educational use, non-profits, and personal use

Special Situations

If you are considering an advanced implementation that falls outside of the bounds of our standard license, or you are concerned that your implementation may violate the terms of our standard license, please contact a member of our business development team. In many cases, we are able to write amended agreements with balanced costs to allow developers to create these types of applications.

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