Achieve hundreds of thousands to 120 million transactions per second on a single database server

How can you achieve millions of transactions per second on a single database server?

Use a database that gives you total control. Learn more...

c-treeACE is ideal for large-scale, mission-critical, core-business applications that require performance, reliability, and scalability that cannot be achieved by other databases.

c-treeACE delivers predictable high-velocity transactions and massively parallel big data analytics. It empowers developers with NoSQL APIs for processing binary data at machine speed and ANSI SQL for easy queries and analytics over the same binary data.

Among the companies who take advantage of the flexibility of c-treeACE is Verizon, who recently chose c-treeACE as an in-memory database for its Verizon Intelligent Network Control Platform Transaction Server Migration.

c-treeACE is an advanced database engine that gives you a Continuum of Control to achieve unprecedented performance with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

You don’t conform to c-treeACE … c-treeACE conforms to you.

With c-treeACE, you are not forced to conform your needs to meet the limitations of the database. You can conform c-treeACE to meet your business needs, giving you the database you need to meet your core-business needs … fast, reliably and efficiently.

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c-treeACE V11.5


“We reviewed every database option available on the market today. Only FairCom could meet the real-time and throughput requirements we had to deliver in the TeaLeaf Web application management solution.”

Tim Knudsen Director of Product Management, TeaLeaf

Continuum of Control

The secret to c-treeACE is its Continuum of Control, which allows you to configure the database to perfectly fit your application.


The left side of each continuum is “Total Control” — which describes uniquely useful capabilities of the FairCom Database. The right side is “Traditional Control” where the FairCom Database operates like a SQL database. In between are multiple levels of control.

You choose your ideal level of control within and between continuums.

Predictable Development

Run SQL queries over custom binary data and simultaneously traverse SQL rows using powerful NoSQL APIs.

Start developing with standard SQL APIs (on the right) and work down through the lower-level APIs as you need more control.

Low-level API

Control every bit in every record and index…

Binary Record API

Store binary data as is, automatically index it, traverse indexes…


Control every aspect of finding, navigating, locking…


Run SQL over binary and relational data…

Code Control

Developers have an unprecedented level of control over every aspect of database code.

Database behavior and APIs are predictable so a developer can consistently deliver high-performance solutions.

Source Code

Modify source code with full support…


Safely extend the database…


Quickly process events…

Client Libraries

Use C, C++, Java, C#, VB, Node.JS, Python…

Java & C# in SQL

Use SQL to call Java and C# stored procedures…

Data Types

Process native CPU data types at machine speed using NoSQL APIs and simultaneously run SQL queries over the same data.

Custom Data Types

Store binary data as is, index and process it as relational data in SQL…

Machine Data Types

Process native CPU data types at machine speed: 2GB arrays, 2GB strings…

SQL Data Types

Run SQL over native machine data types: Char, Nchar, Varchar, Nvarchar, Bigint, Bit, Date…


Index anything: arrays of bytes, binary structures, fields in records, and SQL columns.

Byte Indexes

Control each byte indexed…

Binary Structure

Index binary data structures…

Conditional Indexes

Selectively index records…

Column Indexes

Index one or more SQL columns…


Eliminate latency between applications and databases and maximize deployment flexibility.


Embed the database in devices…

Dynamic Link

Scale microservices to unprecedented…

Shared Memory

Scale services & multitenant solutions to unprecedented levels at lowest costs…


Scale horizontally and flexibly…


Combine some or all of the following clustering technologies to create a custom clustering topology that matches your exact needs.

Custom Clustering

Custom scatter writes and gather reads…

Asynchronous Bidirectional Replication

Scale across servers and data centers…

Synchronous Replication

Create shared nothing, high-availability…

In-memory Replication

Replicate reference data…

OS Clustering

Create traditional high-availability…


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Simultaneously use the full range of c-treeACE consistency options from 100% ACID compliant to Eventually Consistent.

There are four aspects of consistency: Atomicity, Transaction Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.

The next four continuums of control illustrate how you can customize consistency of each database and each table to meet the precise needs of your application.


c-treeACE gives you control over how transactions commit and rollback as a group

Non-atomic Transactions

Extremely fast inserts, updates, and…

Atomic Transactions

100% ACID Atomicity…

Transactional Consistency

Transactional Consistency ensures a database transitions consistently from one state to the next.

You have full control over the Transactional Consistency of individual tables and entire databases.

You can make an entire database eventually consistent, make specific tables consistent, make specific indexes consistent, make an entire database consistent, or tables across multiple databases consistent.

No Transaction Processing

Maximum speed…

Custom Transactions

Per table consistency…

Deferred Indexing

Eventually consistent indexes…

Multi-server Transactions

Consistency across servers…

Consistent Transactions

100% consistency…


Isolation ensures your queries and transactions are not visible to other users and vice-versa.

You can control the isolation level of each database, table and row.

No Isolation

Extreme read speed...

Custom Isolation

Isolate each table as little or as much as you want…

SQL Read Committed

Automatic isolation from uncommitted writes…

SQL Repeatable Read

Automatic isolation from new and deleted rows...


Durability ensures your data is stored safely on persistent storage. You have full control over durability of individual tables and databases for situations when much greater performance is more important than maximal durability.

In-memory Durability

Fastest tables…

Table Mirroring

Most durable tables…

Delayed Durability

Eventual durability for fastest…

Direct IO Durability

Fastest IO…

ACID Durability

Ultimate durability…


Hardware and OS

FairCom Database Engine runs on most hardware and operating systems.

  • Run and compile database on all major operating systems including Unix (AIX, Solaris, HPUX,QNX, VxWorks, FreeBSD, etc.), Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • Run and compile database on all major processor hardware including 32-bit and 64-bit Intel, AMD, ARM, and RISC based hardware
  • FairCom has ported c-tree to over 100 platforms. The code is extremely portable. FairCom can likely support any operating system or processor need you have.

Additional Information

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c-treeACE V11.5