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“We reviewed every database option available on the market today. Only FairCom could meet the real-time and throughput requirements we had to deliver in the TeaLeaf Web application management solution.”

Tim Knudsen Director of Product Management, TeaLeaf



An advanced, ACID-compliant, key-value store based on our traditional ISAM engine.


A full-featured ANSI compliant SQL engine, based on our advanced NoSQL key-value store as it's storage engine.


Our multimodel approach is unique in the way our NoSQL and SQL engines complement each other.


c‑treeACE is a nearly zero-administration database.

High Availability

HA through hot backups, replication, and auto-recovery.


Fine tuning with multiple performance options provides unprecedented application data access.


With numerous mechanisms to enforce data-access policies to advanced data encryption.

ACID Transactions

c‑treeACE provides ACID guarantees on both NoSQL and SQL transactions, concurrently.


An ideal choice when you need interoperability between the many supported platforms.


A complete suite of GUI and command-line/scriptable utilities.


98 percent support satisfaction currently among FairCom customers.

What's New?

c-treeACE V11 is Now Available

Fine Tuning

Take Control of Your Data

Our core value is Empowerment. For developers, this means having absolute control over your application. We’ve built c‑treeACE with this principle in mind and that’s what makes it an engineering-level database. In today’s environment this is critical as developers are under increasing pressure to produce innovative applications fast, while ensuring they stay reliable and secure. This takes more than traditional databases offer—it requires precision and control.

Since 1979

The Most Robust No+SQL Database Technology

FairCom has been refining its NoSQL technology for over 35 years. Built upon the solid foundation originally called ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method), c‑treeACE has become the most robust No+SQL multimodel solution available, well suited for a broad range of transactional applications. It provides a very strong ACID key-value store with full SQL capabilities. Our cross-platform support (Unix, Linux, macOS, Windows), scalability, and high availability combined with our long history of stability and innovation have been noted in the industry for their strength.

Proven and Trusted

Technology Proven by the Real World

Each component of your mission-critical system is as strong as the company that stands behind it. Choosing c‑treeACE means choosing technology with a proven record. Millions of applications around the world are operating right now on c‑treeACE. For nearly four decades our technology has been chosen because of the performance and integrity behind it. Our technology is running in over 100 countries, on 6 continents and has been selected by 43 of the Fortune 100. Without even realizing it, you’re probably already relying on us. We’re embedded in pay-at-the-pump hardware in gas stations and environmental detectors monitoring energy usage. We’re in financial systems that guard your assets and medical systems that protect your health. We’re in the machines that build the microchips powering your computer and in the applications processing your transactions.

Fast and Consistent

ACID Transactions with NoSQL Performance

A challenge facing NoSQL solutions is the tendency to achieve scaling through clusters that are not synchronized in real-time. This results in “eventually consistent” (BASE) data rather than the ACID-compliant transactions that ensure accurate, up-to-date data throughout the system. With ACID-compliant transactions and NoSQL performance, FairCom has a proven track record providing data integrity for financial institutions and other mission-critical uses.


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