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Eliminate COBOL data corruption at the root cause

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RTG Summit Webinar Series – Episode I

By modernizing your COBOL system with the c-treeRTG data management solution, you can mitigate one of the biggest headaches: data corruption. In addition to eliminating the data corruption threat, you will gain high availability and fast, reliable disaster recovery with c-treeRTG. How much of a difference does c-treeRTG make? One customer went from backing up their system every 15 minutes to only once a day after c-treeRTG was installed. These are just some of the many benefits that c-treeRTG provides.

This episode provides an overview of c-treeRTG and a demo of c-treeRTG in action. More information is available in Episode II (Easily modernize COBOL applications by developing new modules in PHP, Python, & Java) and Episode III (Easily add real-time analytics on COBOL data). To test c-treeRTG yourself, download the free trial version at faircomstg.wpengine.com/products/c-treertg/cobol.

Last Update:
March 22, 2024