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Easily modernize COBOL applications by developing new modules in PHP, Python and Java

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RTG Summit Webinar Series – Episode II

Having a COBOL system does not mean you must struggle to access your data or miss out on the advantages of today’s popular programming languages. You can easily modernize with the c-treeRTG data management solution to integrate with PHP, Python, Java and more … without touching your COBOL source code. This episode provides an overview of c-treeRTG’s powerful data management capabilities and a demo of c-treeRTG in action.More information is available in Episode I (Eliminate COBOL data corruption at the root cause) and Episode III (Easily add real-time analytics on COBOL data). To test c-treeRTG yourself, download the free trial version at faircomstg.wpengine.com/products/c-treertg/cobol.

Last Update:
March 22, 2024