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Note: c-treeACE became FairCom DB in November 2020.

TeaLeaf's IntegriTea Web application management solution captures user sessions and alerts application failures in real-time. It can recreate as well as correlate failures to a user instantly. This solution results in increased reliability, faster problem resolution, and ensured user satisfaction.

TeaLeaf's IntegriTea application is designed to capture all user interaction with a Web-based application. Every Web page displayed as well as every keystroke and mouse click is recorded, encrypted, and transferred to the IntegriTea server for processing and playback. Because of the volume of data that is captured, in some cases up to 20+ gigabytes per day, performance and scalability are central issues for the IntegriTea server.

After trying other enterprise-wide database servers, TeaLeaf turned to FairCom and the c‑treeSQL Server. TeaLeaf engineers found the c‑treeSQL Server provided better throughput than other servers. FairCom's smaller footprint, ease of use and cost savings make the c‑treeSQL Server a powerful database solution for the IntegriTea Web application management solution.

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