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Strategy Systems, Inc.

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Strategy Systems has been involved in the development of custom software for the Transportation Industry since 1982. Their goal is to provide the trucking industry with software products to help efficiently manage all aspects of a trucking company.

Strategy Systems' Strategy5™ system comprises over 60 integrated software modules to provide a complete enterprise solution for transportation companies. From initial marketing and operations to billing, accounting and maintenance — Strategy5 is a complete solution.

Strategy 5 uses the FairCom Server for all of its internal data storage needs. FairCom provides SCI with the portability, ease of use, and absolute data integrity integral to this type of system. By integrating state-of-the-art workstations with FairCom's powerful database Server, Strategy5 provides you with the robust, fully integrated solutions to meet the demanding needs of today's trucking companies.

"I recently enabled mirroring on one of our larger customers who is using two Dell 2300 Dual Processor 600MHZ servers with 36G of disk space running RedHat Linux 6.2. I am amazed at how simple the implementation was. I am very impressed with the FairCom Server and the capabilities it allows us to offer our customers. We can provide high-end functionality for a fraction of the cost of the alternatives with little or no downside. Our products now provide much more performance and capabilities per dollar invested, in a large part due to the efficiencies gained with the FairCom Server."

Edward J. Cooley


Strategy Systems, Inc.

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