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Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems Incorporated builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing. Its graphic design, imaging, dynamic media, and authoring tools enable customers to create, publish and deliver visually-rich content for various types of media. Adobe is the third largest PC software company in the U.S., with annual revenues of $1 billion.FairCom technology is the underlying database within the Adobe® Online product. Adobe Online is the link between your Adobe application and Adobe.com, giving you one-click access to the latest creative resources and tools available for most Adobe products.Adobe chose FairCom as the database for Adobe Online due to its portability, performance and reliability. With the different operating system and hardware platforms supported by Adobe products, portability was a chief concern. FairCom's portability has proved to be truly plug and play allowing Adobe to focus on their product, rather than worrying about database issues. Adobe has been using FairCom for several years and has been uniformly impressed with the speed and reliability.

Last Update:
November 11, 2022