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FairCom DB embedded in wide range of healthcare solutions

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Database technology of choice because of speed, reliability and ease of use

FairCom database technology is used in a broad cross-section of industries and environments. One area in which FairCom has a strong presence is the healthcare industry where it plays an integral role in numerous aspects of patient care, ranging from medical and dental office management systems, to laboratory information systems, to complex functional testing systems. The FairCom DB multimodel database is also playing a significant role in the global fight against COVID-19.

Among the reasons FairCom DB is trusted by healthcare organizations around the world are its speed, reliability and ability to be seamlessly embedded. These are extremely important attributes that many organizations need, especially in the medical device industry.

FairCom DB is one of the most customizable and configurable database engines on the market. It provides high-performance NoSQL and industry-standard SQL within the same application, over the same data. It operates on more than 20 platforms and provides NoSQL and SQL APIs for all major programming languages. It can be embedded in an application, run as a central database server, or deployed as both at the same time. 

Here are some highlights of FairCom database technology healthcare use cases:

Carl Zeiss, a leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, has embedded FairCom DB in its current and past versions of the Carl Zeiss Humphrey® Field Analyzer system (HFA II and HFA3) for more than 25 years. The HFA is a perimetry device that delivers interactive analysis by providing a stimulus to the patient’s eye and then measuring the patient’s reaction to determine the field of vision. Zeiss Senior Manager of Glaucoma Systems Innovation Brad Gilbertson said FairCom DB is the right database for his product because of how it handles HFA’s complex data management needs.

“We added the FairCom database so our system could handle more sophisticated data compatibility needs with less programming support costs, and to get increased throughput,” he said. “With the success of the product line, we learned to rely on FairCom’s commitment to maintaining compatibility throughout the product lifecycle. Today, an HFA3 can continue product care for a patient that may have begun 30 years in the past, with perfect data continuity.”

Schuyler House relies on FairCom DB as its embedded database in the SchuyLab laboratory information system (LIS) that allows healthcare technicians to perform routine laboratory tasks at a higher rate of efficiency and accuracy. FairCom DB provides SchuyLab with the ability to give its customers fast, reliable data storage and transfer operations with a wide range of common healthcare systems: clinical analyzers, electronic medical record systems (EMR), health information systems (HIS), billing systems, and office systems. As one would expect, SchuyLab is being heavily utilized in the current pandemic.

“FairCom database technology is definitely helping in the fight against COVID-19. SchuyLab, uses FairCom DB as its embedded database. SchuyLab is being used in laboratories all over the world to manage COVID-19 testing,” said William Shipley, president of Schuyler House. “We have seen many of our laboratories expanding their capabilities to handle COVID, as well as helping new labs start up for COVID testing.”

CompuGroup Medical (CGM), one of the world’s leading eHealth companies, has embedded FairCom DB into its HelloDoc software solution. HelloDoc is produced by CGM’s Imagine Editions and is used by more than 20,000 general practitioners and specialists working in private practices, clinics and multidisciplinary health centers. FairCom DB is the database of choice because of the control that Imagine Editions developers have in fine tuning the embedded database in order to get optimal performance.

Harry Malka, directeur général of HelloDoc, said that another huge benefit of using FairCom DB is its SQL capabilities. “HelloDoc users will appreciate in particular the power of SQL FairCom DB delivers. This latest version of HelloDoc is a major step forward in the evolution of the medical software package. The power of SQL underlying HelloDoc, thanks to FairCom DB, means the data in the system can now be transformed into the information users need, fast. Less time searching and waiting for information results in efficiency gains and ultimately savings for our customers, not to mention healthier, happier patients.”

One common denominator among these three use cases, as well as others, is that laboratories, emergency rooms and medical/dental offices are not required to have a database administrator on staff to maintain operations with FairCom DB. This lowers the total cost of ownership of these vital systems for healthcare providers. Further, because FairCom DB basically runs unnoticed, medical professionals and support staff do not need to spend precious time worrying with database operations.

“To operate [our device], you have to know your job as an eye doctor, or as a technician working for an eye doctor,” Gilbertson said. “But you don't have to know anything about computers or technology.”

In addition to being used by Zeiss, Schuyler House and CMG, FairCom DB is embedded in products by dental office software provider Henry Schein, chiropractic and physical therapy management solutions provider ECLIPSE EHR, and healthcare IT software provider eMDs.

To learn more about FairCom DB, please visit faircom.com/products/faircom-db.

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March 22, 2024
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