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Looking For An ODBC Driver?

Thank you for your interest in our ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) drivers and connectors for FairCom DB, c-treeACE and legacy c-tree and c-tree Plus data. FairCom has been providing database technology for over 40 years and our success is evident by the number of software vendors (ISVs) that have adopted our technology.

The majority of these vendors have developed specialized interfaces to our database to manage their application-specific data formats, schemas, and security. Usually, external applications cannot interact with the data unless they know the schema of the database (i.e., the file structure of the database and the types of data stored in the files), which means a generic ODBC driver will not work. One of the following solutions may be available to you:

  • Custom Driver from Your Vendor

    Many vendors provide their own custom drivers to query your data. Unlike a generic ODBC driver, the vendor’s own driver is designed specifically to interact with their application. Please contact your vendor to find out about the options they provide. FairCom has no way to provide a driver that works in these scenarios and therefore we encourage you to contact your vendor.

  • Full SQL Access

    As FairCom has evolved its technology over the years, we have moved away from selling client-side drivers directly to end users. We have replaced these drivers with a much better alternative: a full SQL server called the FairCom DB SQL Server. If you think your vendor could benefit from this evolution, we are happy to contact them about upgrading their product.

    Important Note: The ODBC driver included with the FairCom DB SQL Server will not work with your application unless your vendor specifically designed the application to use the FairCom DB SQL Server. Complete documentation for this driver can be found at this link: http://docs.faircom.com/doc/odbc/. If your application uses the “FairCom Server,” “FairCom DB ISAM Server,” or our embedded/standalone technology, this driver will not work.

If you have tried all of the above to no avail, in many cases we can help you contact your vendor because we have a relationship with them. If you fill out the information below with the name of the application and the name of the company that provides it to you, we will be happy to check our records and attempt to get them to contact you.

FairCom is always committed to our customer base, and we will do what we can to find a way to help you.

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