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FairCom takes pride in the high quality of service offered by our technical support department. Rather than using inexperienced technicians or third-party support services, our support department is staffed by professional c‑tree programmers who understand the needs of developers. We work with you during all phases of your product development cycle to ensure that your needs are met.

To serve our worldwide base of customers, we offer technical support in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Support is available during working hours from any one of our offices in the United States, Brazil, and Italy. Because of the strategic location of FairCom offices, support is available nearly 24 hours per day.

Fit to Your Needs

We don’t just deliver the best support in the industry, we deliver the best support for you. Your needs and preferences matter and that’s why we look at each support program as a unique relationship between us and you. Different systems have different requirements when it comes to technical support. The nature of the application, the resources of the company and the knowledge level of the eventual user are all factors that impact the support needed from FairCom. Depending on where you are (development or production) and what your needs are (mission-critical environment, heavy end user support, etc.), we’ll work with you and put together a Support Relationship that fits uniquely you.

For customers that want to make a quick and simple selection, we offer set support packages for Standard, Priority and Premium support levels. These come bundled with definitions on important support features like email and phone access, localized and global access, placement in the support queue and fix availability.

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The entire contents of our documentation have been indexed and are included on our website. Simply enter any term into the Search field on any page and the entire documentation set will be searched for matching terms.

You can also access our documentation and download it for offline access.

License Update Program & End of Life Policy

For FairCom servers are that are licensed on a perpetual basis we offer a yearly License Update Program that ensures each server can easily be upgraded or cross-graded, has access to the server updates from our latest major release, including both fixes and new features available and makes you eligible for other FairCom services like Support.

Servers that are older than one major version prior to the currently shipping major version have reached their end-of-life. For example, V9.x and prior would have reached end-of-life with the release of V11.x. FairCom will not issue any fixes or patches to software versions that have reached end-of-life. Note that any signed agreements in effect between FairCom and the customer supersede the policies in the below referenced document.

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