Over 40 years of Proven Technology
for ISVs, Enterprises, and the Fortune 100


Proven by millions of ISV deployments and mission-critical enterprise applications around the world.

Market Solutions

ISV: Small/Medium Business Target

FairCom has worked with ISVs who have been providing solutions for SMBs and SMEs for years. With flexible licensing and deployment options, you can deliver a tightly integrated solution.

ISV:Enterprise Target

Targeting the large enterprises of the world? FairCom works with some of the largest enterprise-focused ISVs, delivering engineering support to top class development teams to ensure the best possible outcome.


FairCom works with over 43% of the Fortune 100 providing specific solutions to internal software and mission critical applications to help these companies achieve their objectives.

Industry Solutions

Financial Industry

Our ability to provide ACID-compliant transaction support in NoSQL allows financial firms to see unprecedented performance with absolute data integrity. In addition, we add full SQL on top of the NoSQL data for real-time reporting and integration for the web, enterprise, and mobile devices.


The performance advantages of NoSQL gives energy companies the ability to work quickly with large datasets across multiple platforms.


Healthcare companies love the rock-solid reliability, security, and ACID-compliant transactions offered by FairCom DB. Having a full SQL engine on top of our database also helps meet reporting and integration needs required by HIPAA.


Internal manufacturing systems are constantly working with schemaless data. FairCom offers a flexible database to handle the unique needs of manufacturing software by delivering exceptional performance.


FairCom offers user and file-level security in addition to 256-bit AES data-encryption. FairCom’s database is designed to be easy to deploy and administer, reducing overhead on overworked DBAs.


Many in the education space choose FairCom for its low total cost of ownership: affordable licensing coupled with easy to deploy and administer technology. The cross-platform support and rock-solid reliability make FairCom DB a great choice for education.


The FairCom DB SQL engine provides a reliable foundation for any application designed for the legal market. Easy integration with third-party applications and reporting tools—essentials for the legal industry—make it a great choice.

Vertical Market ERPs

FairCom works with many different vertically-oriented ERPs. We are a strong solution with our ease of deployment and high performance data management.

Marketing Technology

You need to manage huge datasets and provide real-time insights into the data. With FairCom DB, our seamless SQL on top of high performance NoSQL can give you a competitive advantage to be successful in this market.

Technology Solutions

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things requires real time processing of a massive amount of data. With high throughput, and our unique ability to handle multi-schema data, small footprint, and various deployment options, we’re able to meet the unique needs mandated by today’s connected devices.

Cloud / SaaS

FairCom is a quality solution for your cloud and SaaS environment. With flexible licensing models, and easy-to-deploy technologies, you can manage your high-performance and analytical requirements from a single database.

Analytics & BI

Because FairCom has an ability to manage NoSQL data and SQL data from the same database engine, companies have an opportunity to get real-time analytics without a separate ETL process.

OEM Database

FairCom serves as an OEM database solution for many ISVs. We make it easy to do business with FairCom by providing easy deployment, top-quality support and low-level integration within your software solution.


Safely enhance your legacy application by developing new modules using more modern platforms while maintaining the integration with your time-tested existing application.


By replacing the original COBOL or Btrieve file system, c‑treeRTG immediately improves your system’s availability by eliminating data corruption and improving reliability with a full ACID-compliant transaction database.