COBOL Edition

Multiple Interfaces

c-treeRTG allows you to access your live, COBOL data files through many different interfaces besides your own COBOL program. With the power of SQL, you can use ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, and many others to query your data files. c‑treeRTG is a combination of a full COBOL file system with a powerful, dynamic SQL Server that maps all COBOL files into SQL tables, including support for REDEFINES and multiple keys.

Multiple COBOL Flavors

c-treeRTG includes support for most of the previous versions of Micro Focus COBOL runtimes, including NetExpress 3.x, 4.x and 5.x, as well as the newest VisualCobol. It supports other flavors such as ACUCOBOL v5.0 or later, COBOL‑IT, isCOBOL and RM/COBOL.

Full Transaction Engine

c-treeRTG COBOL Edition provides several high-availability features, such as full transaction logging, automatic recovery, and multiple backup modes, including full backup, or quiesce. Its ACID database server eliminates data corruption resulting from lost indexes or open files.

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No Source Code Modifications

Zero Changes in Your Application Business Logic.

The FairCom solution maintains the simplicity of the standard COBOL file system interface while offering COBOL developers high-end database technology with features such as transaction processing and the client/server model. Existing applications will work with c‑treeRTG COBOL Edition without the need to recompile. In fact, c‑treeRTG COBOL Edition has been designed to fit ACUCOBOL‑GT’s file system and Micro Focus’ ExtFH architectures and can therefore act as a replacement for the default file system. Developers have the flexibility to choose which file system to use on a file-by-file basis.


Adding ANSI SQL and Modern Database Technology

An important advantage of c‑treeRTG COBOL Edition is the ability to have live, real-time SQL access to your COBOL data files. This is done through the SQL Server layer, which integrates seamlessly with the ISAM layer. c‑treeRTG includes support for Stored Procedures, Triggers, Relationship and Referential Integrity control, all of which aid access to the COBOL data files through managed transactions. This allows COBOL data files to be accessed through SQL drivers, such as ODBC and JDBC, PHP, ADO.NET and many others, integrating your COBOL data files with other environments, such as Java, Python, PHP, Delphi and .NET.

More Sophisticated Management with Data Replication


c‑treeAMS Replication adds real-time database synchronization technology to your c‑treeRTG environment. With very low bandwidth usage, it provides very low latency on transferring data across networks. This enables full and nearly full real-time availability of your main production c‑treeRTG database, minimizing batch windows, extending time for backup operations, migration projects, and maintenance. The combination of c‑treeRTG and c‑treeAMS gives you the perfect set of tools to improve availability of your existing application, and at the same time create a failover server in case of a system interruption.

High Availability

With c‑treeAMS and c‑treeRTG, you eliminate downtime due to data-corruption issues. Your customers and clients will be permanently connected either to the main database server or to one of the real-time replicas, providing a highly available system around-the-clock.

Disaster Recovery

Due to its low latency, c‑treeAMS is capable of replicating your c‑treeRTG data across different sites, regardless of geography. c‑treeAMS permits replicating 1-to-1 or many-to-many, which means you can have a local replica of your main database for immediate availability, but also have a remote replica actively operating in case of a site disaster of the main site. Either way, you and your customers will be permanently connected to your data!

Add ACID Transactions

Eliminate Data Corruption

c‑treeRTG offers industrial quality on-line transaction processing (OLTP) supporting full ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) properties of transactions. Multiple save/restore points are also supported ensuring maximum flexibility and integrity of your data. Rollback and restore to any portion of a transaction without abandoning the entire transaction. Advanced data file encryption improves security with a variety of key-oriented algorithms. The combination of all these features practically eliminates data corruption from your systems.

Set It and Forget It

Automatic Recovery

c‑treeRTG has minimal DBA requirements. You can monitor remotely with SNAPSHOT statistics and a variety of tools. Complete automatic recovery after system failures, with no need to rebuild files manually. With its point-in-time recovery, you can roll back to specific snapshots of your database, or even to specific transactions, reducing the downtime. In short, we’ve got you covered.

RTG COBOL Architecture

With a seamless replacement approach, the architecture of c‑treeRTG COBOL is very straightforward. It doesn’t take much to add a full transaction oriented DBMS to your existing COBOL application with zero-to-little changes to your business logic or your code.

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