Update Legacy Systems without Touching the Code.
It’s Ready-To-Go

c-treeRTG COBOL Edition

This robust technology delivers performance, scalability, and data integrity without rewriting your existing COBOL applications.

c-treeRTG BTRV Edition

Switch your Btrieve application to c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition and your application is energized with new life and proper support.

Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

Powered by c‑treeACE, gives you RAS: Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

It’s all about data integrity, from transaction processing and record locking to dynamic backups, automatic recovery and database replication. c‑treeRTG is powered by the most robust No+SQL database available on the market, c‑treeACE. It is a full DBMS that provides both NoSQL and SQL, with a comprehensive list of interfaces to ensure continuous business operations. Reliability with a proven, tested and mature core engine running on millions of worldwide installations. Availability with hundreds of mission-critical customers running non-stop environments. Serviceability with multiple features that allow you to manage and operate your database minimizing downtime. See a full list of c‑treeACE features here.

Keep Your Application Logic Intact

Little to Zero Development Needs

The FairCom c‑treeRTG family maintains the simplicity of keeping your application logic as intact as possible while offering a much better substitute for your current data storage technology. This solution allows you to replace your existing database or data storage with minimum—sometimes zero—impact on your source code. By providing specific drivers for multiple environments, c‑treeRTG can be plugged into your existing application with some simple steps, such as replacing libraries, or just relinking your runtimes. With c‑treeRTG you get all the benefits of a high-end client/server database that supports full transaction processing, automatic recovery, and real-time replication—and it is continuously evolving.

Preserve Your Investment

Modernization and Rationalization of Your Software

In spite of being called “legacy” most of these systems are part of the core systems backing today’s major corporations. For example, in the case of COBOL, a 2015 survey by Microfocus revealed 82% of respondents considered their COBOL applications to be strategic to their organization. Because they hold valuable information, replacing or rewriting such systems is too risky and requires a huge effort involving hundreds of people over a multi-year project.

c-treeRTG offers the ability to preserve the investment made over many years in these legacy systems, while at the same time modernizing them without changing a single line of code for COBOL (minimal code changes for Btrieve). By providing interfaces to access your data in multiple languages—Java, C/C++, PHP, .NET, etc.—you can develop new modules in any modern language, and have them integrated to your legacy system. All that, just by converting your data to c‑treeRTG.

Integration Capabilities

Open Your Data to New API Technologies

The need for business intelligence and reporting means that modern businesses need simultaneous access to data from SQL as well as COBOL or Btrieve. The very nature of legacy applications’ data—in many cases a record-based architecture—does not fit well into a traditional SQL-based RDBMS paradigm of table and record definitions.

c‑treeRTG allows your legacy applications to integrate with business intelligence tools such as Tableau Software, Oracle BI, Crystal Reports, GrapeCity’s ARS.

With our unique approach of focusing on the data, rather than on the program code, you avoid delays and latencies created by tedious exporting operations and long batch processes. Integrate your data files directly, in real-time, with your BI system using real-time SQL capabilities and transaction-oriented interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, PHP, ADO.NET, Python, etc.).